Everyone has diferrent thoughts about this matter, sometimes we advice to treat her nicely so she can stay with the family for long term, and we might suggest to give her a scheduled work tasks so she work in defined time frame instead of the chaos in time management that will cause an overload on your maid.


All the above are correct, but let's take these short answer:


"Before you apply any advice in order to get loyalty and long term work, let's ask the real question. How much do you pay her? and this will lead to this question, How do you expect to get a maid who can work for long term if you pay less than she deserves?

We found that in Egypt the salaries are defined based on each nationality "name". Ethiopian maids in Egypt has defined rates, Philipenes maids in Egypt has another rate, Sudanese, Nigerian, Ghanaian and many more nationality "Names", I repeat it's just names and those names are dividing the market into illogical salary rates depending on misleading and wrong logic.

We hear every day the question "which maid's nationality in Egypt is batter and how much should I pay?"

It looks like the experience is based on nationality, the reliability is based on nationality and the good attitude is based on the nationality. It's wrong. The nationality of your maid has nothing with the required skills that you're looking for.
The professional rules in this topic are here.


First rule:
Prepare yourself to pay for the skills you need which covers the tasks you'll ask and the time that you will consume from the maid's life instead of thinking to pay based on her nationality.
If you think based on the skills needed then you might pay less for the Filipenese maid who can't handle some tasks while paying better for an Indian or Nigerian maid to do the same quality of job. For example it's known that Filipino maids are very weak in handling heavy work comparing to Nigerian or Indian.
If you're moving to new house then it's better to ask the help from none Asian maid because they are lack of handling migration from house to house.
Now let's go to the second rules which is simple and clear.
It's the most important rule from experts who spent years and years in this industry.
Get the expert maid who take high salary not the one who accept low salary, regardless of her nationality. Pay good and get reliability and long term loyalty. That's the logic of maids industry that not known by everyone. Don't pay bad salary and then later ask why did she left me!.
As a tip from professionals (Every maid accept low salary will cause a huge damage in the work place since she's going to learn not to fully work).
and in case if the maid caused unintended damage to anything in your house then you can't blame her. just blame yourself and here is the third rule.

The third rule is
when you think about payment based on nationality then you're loser and also, when you think to pay low salary as possible then expect to get a very bad experience as possible.
How to understand the third rule?
Of course no maid will mean to do any bad thing for your home staff. It's all about experience. Simply the expert maid would never accept low rate salary while the none expert one will take the risk. Simply she wants to learn. If you pay less then expect that the maid who will come to your home is coming to learn in your house and will not be productive as you think.
That's why we advice our clients to pay for experts what they deserve regardless of the nationality. If you have a Somalian maid and you think she's expert then pay her the same amount like Filipino, she will never ever leave you. but don't say oh she's Somalian and I can pay less. Yes you'll be able to pay less of course but once she get another contract with a little high payment she will leave you immediately and here we go for the fourth rule.
The fourth and last rules is more simple.

Read this statement carefully
"The maid who do hard work and left her country to work abroad is thinking about money more than anything else, pay good for her then she'll love you. Pay less then she will leave you even if you make her life a peace of heaven with no work load in your house".
If you notice the all four rules were linked to each other and in the same point, so thinking of having a home maid who can stay for long term will need the ability to think about her needs and the reasons of being a housemaid instead of being an employee in other field. Of course don't go and ask her that question, otherwise it will be a moron or stupid question. But when you think about what motivate people to work. The final answer is one, regardless of what they will tell you. It's all about having a stable income. the stable income will come from the stable job. The job will not be a job if the paid monthly salary is not good.
Even if the money is not everything and can't do everything but we still believe that people are working in order to get money. so don't say my work volume is not too much and then waste people life for low amount of salary because no one will waste his life for you free of charge.