The death of the artist Hady El-Jayar, special consolation from House Care Egypt

House Care Egypt extends its sincere condolences to the family of the great artist Hadi Al-Jayar. We learned that our dear client passed away yesterday evening at the age of 71 years after a long struggle with illness. We express our deep sadness over the death of the respected artist Hadi Al-Jayar, Our solidarity with his generous family. It is worth noting that the late artist had contracted with House Care Egypt since 2012, and he is still a continuous customer till now. We will continue to support his family with all our energy, with all our employability capabilities. We ask the Honorable God Almighty to grant the deceased mercy and forgiveness, and to bring him into paradise.

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The real maid can't be a real nanny and vice versa

Are you looking for an agency for maiden workers per month that provides you with a resident maid (Live-in maid with monthly salary)? Often if you arrived here, your answer is "yes", but also your goal in searching for a worker per month may be a "live-in nanny with monthly salary", and in all cases, you have reached the right place and we will help you to get the best maid or nanny with the most affordable monthly salary, but let's get to know How not to fall in the common mistake many make.

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Big Ramy - Mr. Olympia

We all heard about the success story of the Big Rami, Although the truth is that Big Rami, the Egyptian world champion for bodybuilding and Mr. Olympia champion, was not as comfortable in his early days as our children today and the new generation, but Captain Big Ramy had the best nanny ever. His mother was the main secret of his success through the testimony of the family members of this hero, whether through continuous encouragement or her understanding of his ambitions, as she is an authentic Egyptian mother who knows how to raise children well. But how does your son become like Big Rami and how do you train your son to be a lover of sports to become the future Big Ramy in the field he loves, to achieve great success and become popular as well as his pictures spread everywhere like the most beautiful pictures of Big Ramy on the Internet? .. Here's how to deal with the matter if your child has a live in nanny who deals with your child instead of you.

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Maids in Egypt

Runaway maids have proven to be a very serious problem in Egypt such like any country, it's normal to have this type of issue, but the way we deal with it is different. And that's why most of Egyptian families prefer to get their maids from House Care Egypt. Statistics made by our research show that there are an average of 500 maids who abscond every month in Egypt, the number maybe a little more or less, because we didn't cover all "maid agencies in Egypt" in our research. The issue seen more among maids who come from African countries to work in Egypt?

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Absolutely yes, Egypt is a safe country for women to live. This question is repeated specially that mistakenly most of people still think that Egypt is a middle east country with strict rules. and even so, you can’t simply judge the whole area of the middle east because of the wrong ideas formed in your brain through Hollywood movies which is a marketing way to show the middle east as a bad area. Here is the simple explanation of that..

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