Getting a maid in Egypt, How Much Do I *Really* Need To Pick Up?

Source: HouseCareEgypt
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We know, you’re reading this because you want a straight answer—and probably straightened cushions, furniture, and vacuum lines. But the truth is how much de-cluttering you do before your Maid arrives is up to you, and it depends on where and how you want her to clean.

Some of our customers choose to do a quick run-through of their house before the maid from "House Care Egypt" arrive. They’ll put toys in their organizers, books back on the shelves, paperwork in a stack and dirty laundry in hampers. “I basically do what I would do if my mother-in-law gave me a 10-minute heads up that she’s on her way to the house,” said Shimaa Mostafa., a HouseCareEgypt's customer in Rehab, New Cairo. “I don’t want them to focus on the stuff I can do. I’d rather them spend their time on the kitchen and the bathrooms, which I don’t have time to clean properly.”

Tips for a quick prep: Give yourself 10 minutes. Pick up a large bin and start at one end of your house, grabbing whatever doesn’t belong in that room. Distribute as you comb through the house.

It comes down to how you want your Maid to help you. As maids service provider, we are sure that she is there to scrub, vacuum, disinfect, and polish. She’ll straighten and fluff as she move along, but she won’t necessarily know how to stack your papers the way you want or which toys go where. “If I don’t have time to declutter before my maid start work, I just put out an empty laundry basket and ask her to put all rogue items she find in the basket,” said Yasmin Abdulaziz, Egyptian Artist. “That way I don’t slow them down, and I still come home to an awesome uncluttered house.”

And some of our customers don’t do a thing. “I’ve had a Maid from HouseCareEgypt come for a number of years, and we have our system down,” said Kasim Ezzat., who lives in 6October,. “I rarely have time to give it a once over, and she still do a marvelous job. It’s helped that she come every week three times—my house stays cleaner, and I end up keeping it that way.”

These are just a few ways our customers have gotten ready for our house cleaning maids services. How do you prep for getting your Maid?