HR services and Benefits management to ensure organizations are able to achieve their HR and Benefits goals in an effective and efficient manner. 


What we do

Effective solution for every businesses

Managed HR

Our HR Service model allows clients to address their needs with a customized HR and Benefits solution to transform into next level.

Talent Management

What we do is to understand the challenges and close the gap between current talent and the upcoming needs of the business. 

Trusted partnership

Our human resources and benefits team enables your organization to effectively recruit and manage human capital while you focus on generating more revenue and growing your company. All with a high level of trust. we build a long-term partnership.

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Trust the

HouseCareEgypt team will work with you on an ongoing, proactive basis to manage and support your HR function.  This includes everything from the transactional, day to day aspects of HR – benefits administrationnew hire paperworkcompliance updates – to the more strategic aspects of your HR function – employee performance managementemployee relations issuesrecruiting strategy, and organizational management.  We’ll get to know your company, culture, and employees so that we become an integral part of your HR service delivery.  Our approach allows us to offer the collective knowledge of our team of experts collaborating with your staff to enhance the depth of your human resources management capabilities.  

“Creativity in HR is nothing but the way to solve new problems.”


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