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  • cloud hosting

    We are seeking to understand the nature of your requirement because we respect the family  ways with children from the early years to the end of the school-age. We'll work to provide the best babysitters for your children with full care.


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  • our security

    We always aim to provide the best elderly care, since our vision for them takes a human dimension in the first place. We provide the finest service through trained nurses and workers from different nationalities around the world .. just for your convenience.


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  • our speed

    We provide expert housekeepers at the highest level of professionalism and commitment. We bring the most skilled foreign maids for you from Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa in order to make your home more clean for a healthy long life.


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  • affiliates

    We provide you the best private drivers in Egypt with high level of skills and professionalism, we make a placement tests before we agree to send it to you as we keen to your safety and comfortability at first.


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What sets us different?

1 - As result of our long-term experience we know what can make our customers satisfied.

2 - Post-contract service to ensure the highest level of service provided. 

3 - High flexibility in communicating with our customers especially after contracting with us. 

4 - Full respect for the privacy of our customers.

Why Choose Us?

We operate in accordance with established principles that have made us the best and the most reliable. These principles are summarized in the following:

1 - Satisfaction of our customers is the basis of our success.

2 - The comfort of our customers is our ultimate goal.

3 - The spirit of cooperation with our customers is the secret of our continuation.

4 - We don't promise anything we can't do.

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