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House Care Egypt, is considered one of the top companies that provide employment services in Egypt. We specialize in providing public and private services. We have been in the field providing HR consultation services for many years and are distinguished by long-term experience that helps us understand the nature of our customers' needs and provide the best and most appropriate services to them. .

The beginning of the company:

The company was established as an office to provide employment services and then expanded the scope of work more internally in cooperation with a group of service providers until the company's website was launched in 2013 after years of hard work offline. we consider it a much late step but we aim to help all our customers wherever they were, at any time, in order to achieve the maximum possible continuous support for them.

Our vision aims to make employment services in Egypt open for all without limitations or restrictions to improve service quality delivered to the private sector.

Our mission is based on the wide range of services we provide not limited to the private sector but also to the public individuals to enhance their lives by creating more opportunities and more jobs for them. Our ultimate goal is to see the community in the best condition so we believe that our services can be a hand giving for making a change.

Our services including and not limited to:

- Hotel and Hospitality employment services.

- B2B hiring services.

- Providing workers and employees for factories, companies and offices.

- Family services including foreigner maids and nannies from 25 nationalities.


We provides several ways of communication to communicate with us, and we consider that the easiest method is currently through the contact form through our website where you can communicate with customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Further information can be found on our website.


 We can provide the following types of domestic workers for your family: 


Live in Maid

Live in Nanny 

Live in Elderly Caregiver



Part time Elderly Caregiver

Private Driver

Personal Assistant


Call us to get the best maid. We are experts in choosing the best, so call us today! 








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Contact us through phone, Whatsapp, our website or social media. We are ready to serve you today!

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