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Meet 1 Candidate (25mins)
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Now, you can conduct interviews via video conferencing services through our digital platform.
This service gives you 25 minutes video call with one candidate.

Save your time and avoid a direct physical interview with many people, by purchasing our service you'll be able to meet your potential housekeeper, maid, nanny or any domestic worker regardless of your location and time. The service is available digitally around the globe so no matter where you're.

Choose the minutes that you think it's suitable for you for discussion with your candidate. Make sure the time that you chose is enough for you to ask all your questions. We think that 20mins is more than enough to discuss important things so by default this service will give you initially 25minutes but if you think that you need more time then you can select more options.

The first time we think about providing this service we were planning to deploy it free of charge but we realized that many people might use our service in the wrong way and make more busy time on the platform then the service will face difficulties. Also to avoid wasting our time with those people who are not serious we decided to provide this service with the minimum cost that can help us continue providing it and also to make sure that the person who asks about our services is a real person and serious in dealing with us. On the other hand, We still provide free consultation services for new clients who are recommended by our current contracted customers. 

During the booking process of the video conference service, you'll need to tell us more details regarding your request. Use the "Notes and special requests" box to explain the criteria of the candidates that you wish to meet online.


After confirming explaining your requests you can checkout by selecting the billing address and the payment method. If your purchase success, you'll receive a confirmation email with the order number for reference. Please make sure that you inserted a real email address to get the order number with the confirmation message.

What will happen after you book the online interview with your labor?

First of all, we will review your requests carefully and will call you within 24hrs from your order time to confirm all details and to get more understanding of each point you mentioned in your request then we'll start our moves towards getting everything ready for you. We'll prepare the candidates based on the qualifications that you requested and then we'll confirm with you the time that most likely to be suitable for you. Please remember that you can conduct the interview wherever you're but you need to make sure that your internet connection is fast and the speed on the connection is good for performing voice and video calls.


What is the guarantee that you will get by purchasing the service? 

We'll ensure that everyone from outside is ready to join the conference with you (The candidates that you requested and our service representative) Then we'll be ready on time waiting for you. In case if there is any reason caused a fail of the meeting due to connection instability then we'll set another time to start the conference again whether on the same day or in another day. In all cases, we will make sure of the delivery of the service. 

In case that all our tries ended with no success then in this case if the reason was from us we'll offer you a person-to-person meeting at your office or home without additional fees. We will make sure to comply with the safety procedures as well.

On the other hand, if the reason was from you due to connection instability or any other reason then we can't initiate a person-to-person meeting. Instead, we can only set another date for you based on your available time to conduct an online meeting again.

Please be informed that due to the banking limitations, we can only refund 50% of the paid amount for online services.

Enjoy the service. Trust the professionals.





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