A "friendly" struggle and friendly competition, but not less in strength than other international competitions, especially that this time the South Korean champion, Son Heung, will face the Pharaohs' champion and English Premier League top scorer, "Mohamed Salah". The match that will raise the name of the Korean champion or cause him to lose his name in South Korea and the continent of Asia.

Egypt vs. Korea

Hello dear visitor, the live broadcast of the match between South Korea and Egypt will be shown on this page at the beginning of the broadcast, please save the page link in your favorites until the match begins, where you can visit the page again.

World cup Qatar 2022 logo

The date of the World Cup is important for all football fans, like the t20 world cup, as the date of the Qatar World Cup 2022 is important to follow the most important sports matches in the world, as the FIFA World Cup is the first-level competition in the world, followed by the Club World Cup and then the continental competitions. Find out with us the date of the World Cup and the schedule of groups:

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