Train your employees and get your domestic labor from House Care Egypt

HCE Best nannies agency Cairo

Many of our clients benefit from our competitive rates and hire us to do the selection of the best skilled workers. But we also provide employment services for companies. If you have a company and want employees and domestic workers, you can use House Care Egypt to provide carefully selected crews and cadres, in addition to employee training services through House Care Egypt, where we design training programs suitable for the skills you are looking for in your employees.

In today’s world full of burdens and the presence of the family most of the time at home under domestic isolation procedures due to Covid 19, families and couples resort to the professional domestic labor services from House Care Egypt to choose the best maids of the month, a cleaner per month or a babysitter per month. With over 14 years of experience, House Care Egypt is more than just hiring and recruiting domestic workers. We give you a good opportunity to get quality domestic labor and cover the entire process of hiring and replacing domestic labor throughout the contract period, we provide you with the best, most experienced and trusted!



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