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At House Care Egypt we believe in the need to provide a good service that allows our customers to rely on our services at all times. However, our services are non-touchable items, which are not products that policies related to poor storage or product defects can be applied to.

Our service is based on efforts in different directions by several staff in a single time in order to ensure the provision of reliable staffing service.

These efforts include employment, time, negotiation, caregivers search, and immediate employment background review as soon as the customer requests the service. We conduct immediate inquiries, reviews and other matters related to providing good service to the customer.

However, errors, final disagreements or superficial differences arising from renegotiations between the family and caregivers or for reasons of differing estimates or even arising from the mistakes of our own staff.

From our understanding of all possible scenarios during service delivery, the Host Care Egypt service agreements do not include the possibility of refunding fees paid for any service.

However, we individually reserve the right to refund any fees to the customer in the event of serious errors from our employees with the requirement that the errors be irreparable.
This is not an absolute obligation as the final decision will be returned to the company representative.

The only case where fees can be refunded. If the fees have been paid in advance and the customer has not received the service, he must request a refund within a maximum of three days after the payment.
Any delay will be deemed to be Customer's consent to the completion of the service and no refund of the fees paid.

Important tips to keep in mind

- House Care Egypt wants to deal with serious customers only so be careful to bear the results of service, whether positive or negative, where we do not guarantee the absolute perfection in our services

- We seek to provide a distinct employment to serve your interests and provide comfort to you, so be sure to find the mechanisms of compatibility that lead to your convenience and your desire to complete the service

- Do not contract with us If you think you can undo at any time after signing the contract, this is absolutely out of the question.
- Read the terms of the contract well and do not agree to anything above your personal abilities or above the capacity of the family because in the case of your consent you can not withdraw and our commitment with you is all that was agreed in the contract only.

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