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Jobs can create money
Jobs can create money

Graduating from high school and choosing a career path is an important life decision. Especially with the importance of choosing a college that suits the desired future major. Either via high school format or after that.
As high school students are at the crossroads of important life choices that determine each student's career. Let's find out more..

After the preparatory certificate, the course of the study journey begins in secondary schools, as it is a path to continuity and educational progress, and it is a decisive educational stage in the life of every student.

In a study conducted by South Korea it was found that 92.6% of high school graduates in the countries studied went to university immediately after graduating from high school, 4.1% of high school graduates found and entered job opportunities, and 3.3% of those who entered work after high school left After that, they became unemployed or turned into economically useless people.

The Korean study showed that the higher the average monthly household income and the higher the educational aspirations, the more likely they were to go to college and thus have better future jobs.

The only factor that makes jobs different is the high school class. For example, a high school diploma is different from a high school diploma in nursing or a vocational high school diploma (diploma of industry and agriculture).


Graduates of vocational high schools (industry and agriculture) are more likely to find jobs than graduates of general secondary schools if they want to find a job without going to university.

This study shows that unrealistically high educational aspirations can have a negative impact on young people's career choices. As a result of the analysis of the factors characterizing the choice between a 2-3-year university and a 4-6-year university, if a 4-6-year university is selected, the final academic background will be excellent academic achievement, and high future employment.

On this basis, it is very important to educate young people, especially after the preparatory certificate stage, about the importance of secondary education and its impact on the future career.

After the General Secondary Certificate, the Azhar Secondary Certificate, and other secondary school certificates, it will be very important to know the university specializations because they are diverse and numerous. Most students and parents decide to choose a particular college without conscious study of the rest of the majors, and this is a mistake because the matter is completely different from what everyone imagines.

Parents and students should conduct research for sufficient information about each college and its future career. It is not only about the future job, but about increasing the family's income in the medium and long term.

The College of Computer Engineering and the College of Medicine, for example, differ in their impact on the average family income from the College of Law, as well as the College of Dentistry, the College of Business Administration, the College of Engineering, etc., even the College of Humanities and Social Sciences differ in terms of the professional future and the future of family income in the future.

Educating students about these matters is important, and the responsibility for this lies with parents and teachers in middle schools and secondary schools. Perhaps this article is to raise awareness on this very important issue.

Also, every student should ask himself, do I want to specialize in theoretical studies or practical studies?

We, as recruitment experts, say that applied and practical studies are better?

If you think about why applied studies are more popular than theoretical studies, you can easily discern this.

Employment If you intend to pursue a degree with the purpose of getting a job, practical and applied studies are definitely beneficial.

Since the curriculum itself is created by applying theoretical studies to practical or business applications, recruiters will usually prefer those who specialize in practical departments that can adapt to work and contribute to business growth after joining the companies. (This is a very important technical information even for those looking for a job)

On the other hand, theoretical studies are very necessary in the fields of research, development and innovation in the long run, and although theoretical fields may not be suitable for achieving high income and making money in the short term, they are important areas for companies and the business sector and career development is a source of high income in the future.

Choosing between theoretical and practical faculties at the university requires deep thinking and a question of specialists. Because parents themselves, regardless of their educational level, may not be able to know the future career of a college unless they ask specialists.
Ask recruitment professionals and HR consulting firms, because HR services firms are more efficient at figuring out which educational paths lead to high-paying jobs now and in the future.

It should be noted that most of the educational materials in middle and high school are purely theoretical science subjects. It should be thought that this is useful for developing the intellectual and absorptive abilities of students to qualify them for the stage of career development and professional future through university studies. Therefore, keep developing the skills of your children or students in different sciences, especially mathematics and physics, as they are two subjects that guarantee a career future with a very high income in all fields. You may feel that they are more theoretical than practical. This is true, but always remember that the preparatory and secondary stages are the stages of preparing mental abilities and a stage of preparation for practical and applied study at the university. If the student is intelligent and has the mental abilities built through mathematics and physics, he will be eligible to assimilate and build practical skills at the university.

Finally, each student must distinguish between what he is good at, what he likes, and what he does not know.

What a student is good at and likes has a huge impact on his college life, and ultimately affects the job search process.


In human resource companies, there is a factor that companies evaluate when hiring, which is “specialization in specialization”. This is true, a university graduate must be a specialist and a lover of his specialization, so it is important to choose practical and scientific disciplines that the person himself loves.

If you're a high school student, the way to find out what you like and what you're good at is to look at yourself more carefully. Ask yourself what your hobbies are and what things you really like. After that find information about the future career and future rate of income and then you can decide.