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  • Employees watching World Cup matches, top tips for employers

    Some employees love watching football during work time

    Do your company’s employees want to enjoy watching the matches of the European Union teams, qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2022, during the live broadcast? If so, what is the problem with euro fantasy league or world cup? It may be related to the way they spend their personal time and their private lives, so there are no company officials who have a problem with that as we know, but the problem comes to the fore when the preoccupation with the European competition qualifying for the World Cup, or even the preoccupation with the World Cup matches live broadcasting itself, comes at the expense of working time. Here are several tips to help you deal with the issue.

  • South Korea vs Egypt match. The clash of champions "Mohamed Salah vs. Son Heung"

    A "friendly" struggle and friendly competition, but not less in strength than other international competitions, especially that this time the South Korean champion, Son Heung, will face the Pharaohs' champion and English Premier League top scorer, "Mohamed Salah". The match that will raise the name of the Korean champion or cause him to lose his name in South Korea and the continent of Asia.

  • World Cup date - fixtures and groups schedule

    World cup Qatar 2022 logo

    The date of the World Cup is important for all football fans, like the t20 world cup, as the date of the Qatar World Cup 2022 is important to follow the most important sports matches in the world, as the FIFA World Cup is the first-level competition in the world, followed by the Club World Cup and then the continental competitions. Find out with us the date of the World Cup and the schedule of groups: