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Many of us seek reasons for success and know the ways to succeed, and that is why we present to you this wonderful article that tells you the way to succeed in life and entrepreneurship in particular. It is not easy to be a successful entrepreneur and the ability of each of us to take these reasons varies from one individual to another, but just sharing knowledge is a wonderful thing in itself and knowing the reasons for success is a wonderful motivator for the subconscious to work towards success. So whether you think you will work with these tips or not, it is best not to neglect to read and know them.

Why do some entrepreneurs succeed, while many others fail?
There is a saying that goes:

“Success at work requires training, discipline, and hard work. If you are not afraid of these things, the chances are better than they have ever been.” -   David Rockefeller
As you can see David Rockefeller drew the criteria for success above, in If one is not afraid to hear the following words:

  • Discipline
  • continuous training
  • hard work

In front of every entrepreneur and every ambitious young man who seeks to build a small business, a medium business, or even a large company, there is a wide open opportunity to achieve success. But he has to overcome the psychological factors that affect discipline and the desire to learn and work hard.
By overcoming the three fears, a person achieves creativity and flies away. The Egyptians say, had it not been for Abbas Ibn Firnas wearing wings, mankind would not have had the opportunity to fly. In fact, in any field, if we wanted to fly high in the clouds, we must wear the wings that suit this field and overcome the problems of discipline in work, love of learning and desire to work.
Here are 4 things common to small and medium entrepreneurs who have been able to overcome difficulties and challenges in the business world, and these four things were formulated by one of the research studies aimed at helping young and old entrepreneurs and usually these four things apply to all successful entrepreneurs:
1. Work Experience

Those who have experience in a particular salaried profession and have successfully performed responsibilities throughout their regular career are able to make good business decisions when it comes to setting up their own businesses. Compared to those who have not worked in any companies before and do not have experience. Therefore, if you really want to achieve success in your own project, start first by acquiring the skills of the field in which you want to work. The simplest way to gain experience is to look for leading companies in the field you want to enter and do the work and build good and strong relationships and ties in this field. Try to get Get a job and contribute to the success of other companies and learn from continuous experiences to make sure that you are able to launch your project, and then these companies will help you as well if you have provided them with great services.
Gaining and accumulating experiences is the secret of the success of the entrepreneur and the success of his own project.
2. Business Planning

Experience alone is not enough for the success of business ventures, but planning, planning, and planning.
Some people think that they can start a project and open an office, factory or even a shop without having a written and clear plan in which the most accurate details of costs, operating expenses, marketing plan, marketing costs itself, how to deal with customers, what is the mechanism of providing the service, who will provide the service, how it will work, and what is the method of calculations And who is responsible for the treasury and how will expenses, sales, profits and accounts for each of these things be managed, and if the project is a commodity business, who are the suppliers for the project, what are the costs of supply and purchases, what is the storage period, the quantity expected to be sold per month, and the quantity expected to be replaced, whether due to accumulation, damage or returns .
A lot of things must be written and written down to form a complete and clear operational work plan for the way to work without errors.
Business planning remains important by writing it on paper as well as being well understood in the mind of the entrepreneur. As well as his staff.
The importance of business planning, which usually includes feasibility studies, market analysis and competitor analysis, is very important. If an entrepreneur needs a business loan, the business plan must be submitted on paper to the bank to facilitate the approval of the business loan. 
Those with a plan are usually 10 times more successful than those without a plan.
3. Building relationships and strengthening bonds with everyone, even with competitors.

Understanding and ease of making friends and relationships are very useful in the success of an entrepreneur.
Because strong relationships with suppliers, customers, competitors, government agencies, and other companies and competitors are relationships that shape your work environment, ask yourself what kind of work environment I desire? How do I strengthen my relationships with others?
And how to run a profitable business in a strong and solid work environment.
A strong work environment begins with good relationships with others. In order to build strong relationships, you must learn patience, kind words, and peaceful reactions, even to the things that anger you from the people related to your business, ranging from the work team to suppliers, competitors and customers.
If you feel yourself with them while experiencing stress, impatience and the like, the result will be that you will become a successful entrepreneur, think about the importance of seriously improving your relationships.
But if your relationship with others is bad, the hope is weak that you will succeed in creating a strong work environment. If your relationship with your work team is bad and you cannot deal patiently and overlook the mistakes of your team, then you are not ready to start a successful business whose relationships extend beyond the walls of your organization.
4. Continuous learning and having a role model.

The secret of the success of a true entrepreneur is continuous learning, developing various skills, and constantly updating knowledge about all the developments in the market in which it operates, the new technology used in this market, and even the standard business standards that are updated and adopted by pioneers and major companies The competition.

Also, having a role model to follow is very important, because you will definitely need someone to ask and consult.
Having a godfather in this situation is very important to your success.
Those who seek help from a mentor, experienced friend, or similar since before starting a business are three times more likely to start a successful business, than those who only dream and learn neither from books nor from others.

Those who do not learn live in constant daydreams and fantasies that have nothing to do with trade and business management.

The study from which we elicit this important topic found that those who have a higher ideal are emulated. They have a double chance of getting commercial financing for their business, because business experts who have gone through financing experiences will tell them about the ideal way to get commercial financing.

Also the study proves that although the failure rate of any business venture is very high in the first year, 84% of entrepreneurs who have a business mentor are usually able to make it through the first two years of their business.

The idea of ​​a business mentor is, of course, a natural result of applying the third tip related to strengthening relationships and building strong bonds with experienced people and even with competitors.

Try to re-read the four things mentioned above, and think about whether you actually applied any of these things, and personally, I think if you reached this line in the article, you are already applying the skill of continuous learning by reading, reading and self-development, and therefore you are more qualified to be in a class Successful entrepreneurs soon and we wish you every success.

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