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In a rapid development of the way application platforms deal with user data, Google has taken a similar step to Apple, where application developers will be allowed to collect and use user data based on the privacy protection agreement between users and application developers directly, without the need for Google to monitor the developers' actions.


The move sought by the American technology giant has left many users resentful, although many application developers were relieved by this step, which they described as a new catalyst for creativity.


Android app developers will be required to fill out a data privacy form for their apps, according to Google's new terms, and they alone must provide "complete and accurate data" for their apps.


Google will no longer be responsible for how developers use consumer data and Google will not block app permissions in advance, however Android users will be able to control permissions manually. They can also decline the Privacy Agreement on an application-by-application basis.

Google's move is theoretically negative if viewed narrowly, while in fact the move gives users the possibility to sue app developers directly for any violation of privacy without the tech giant Google being an obstacle in the way of users to obtain their rights.


The move was praised by many privacy experts, while some of them expressed their distrust towards this important step, which will directly affect millions of users around the world.


On the other hand,  Google said that when it becomes aware of a discrepancy between "app behavior and user consent, it may take appropriate action, including legal action."

The Verge reported that the policy change was seen in the new Data Security section of the Google Play Store, which is similar to Apple's iOS 14 showing a list of privacy items that the developer grants.

The user will be solely responsible for providing complete and accurate consents in the App Store listing on Google Play.