Human Resources generally refers to those individuals that operate an organization. The HR department is a critical component of any business as they are responsible for a wide variety of functions. As a department, Human Resources is the part of the organization that deals with employee relations. From a high level, the human resources department of a company deals with payroll, benefits, hiring, firing, and regulations management.
For businesses, in order for organizations in Egypt to stay ahead, they must be proficient in recruiting and retention (hiring and keeping the best employees), and they must be able to explain their compensation and benefit packages that come along with the respective position.
For individuals, they must be able to find the jobs that meet their specific skill sets and offer the best opportunities for career development and advancement.
HouseCareEgypt can help you find the information your company needs to understand the human resources functions within a business. Available reports include information on benefits administration, employment agencies and services, recruiting and retention and labor/regulation guidelines as well as many other studies necessary to compete in this environment.

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