A picture of a project management program
A picture of a project management program

Do you have a project you want to start creating and managing? You may want to consider project management software if your project is multi-faceted and needs comprehensive governance in expense management, personnel management, performance tracking, and implementation rates. Here is a list of the best free, open-source and paid project management software tools for almost any type of project:


First let's get to know what exactly project management is?

Project management is the process of initiating, preparing, implementing, and finishing tasks that are followed to achieve project objectives. This project may be building construction, building bridges, or even building a house. By the project here we do not mean what is known as small projects, but we are talking about executive and construction projects for companies.

Project Management covers aspects of managing activities using advanced tools and innovative techniques, and a variety of implementation management, quality management and safety systems monitoring applications, and requires professionals with applied knowledge. Ultimately, the project requirements are met.

There are 5 steps involved in managing a project from start to finish called 'Basic Concepts of Project Management'. which is next:


1- Research paper for the beginning of the project.

2- Project implementation plan.

3- Executive project management.

4- Project control, quality management and implementation safety.

5- The final stage to finish the project.


In the past, executive projects were managed by a project manager specialized in management science, and his tools depended on traditional methods, paper and pen. Today, in the era of digitization, project management is done through free and non-free project management programs, where artificial intelligence and complex mathematical operations are used to manage all aspects of the project.


These tools allow you to keep track of the activities performed on a project, such as which tasks are assigned to employees, managers, engineers, and team members, which project phases were completed and when, etc.


If you are looking for free and paid project management software, there are several programs available for everyone, such as:


1- Monday Project Management Program - The real name of the program is Monday. We do not know why the program designers chose to call it Monday, but perhaps because it is the first working day of the week in many countries of the world where Saturday and Sunday are the weekend.

Monday's program has many free tools, and you can upgrade to paid tools if your business expands.


2- Freshservice project management program.

A complete project management toolkit from planning to execution. From start to finish, Freshservice helps you prioritize, manage and track your projects. You can use the task manager feature to organize your projects into nested tasks and subtasks.

The calendar view of this program in the Control Panel provides an overview of your daily tasks. It provides the ability to collaborate, exchange ideas, and share workflows across different project teams and departments.


3- Nifty software, which is a collaborative project management workspace for planning projects and collaborating with teams and stakeholders. The software automates work progress reports.

The software combines multiple tools to cover the entire project cycle. To balance the planning of the big picture of the project (roadmap) and the day-to-day tasks (tasks, files, and team collaboration). The application also features a beautiful and easy to use interface.


4- Zoho projects project management software, is a free and paid version, dedicated to managing work systems and distributing tasks, and is an online project management tool that provides a wide range of solutions to daily problems in project management activities.

The value of any project lies in its plan. Project planning with Zoho Projects requires less time so you can focus the rest of your time on real-time tasks. Zoho Projects has an interactive forum where all team members can interact with each other, even if they are geographically separated.


Choosing the right project management tool may vary from project to project. Based on factors such as project requirements, development methodology, customer preferences, and software costs. Looking at the entire criteria, you can compare and choose the best tools as the software market offers a lot of different software and accessories.