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Searching for a resident nanny or a resident elderly sitter may seem easy, as well as searching for maids, but in fact, the search for a nanny or a cleaner, whether resident or non-resident, is fraught with risks. Here's what you should do.

 1- Contract only with a licensed company with long professional experience

Putting your life and family at risk is the worst thing you can do to your loved ones. Nowadays, there are unknown people on social media who offer themselves or others to work. Simply do not deal with them because the experience of many families has proven that the result is catastrophic, whether being exposed to theft at best or exposing the family and children to great and real risks... The first and most important advice is not to risk your family and deal directly with unknown individuals.
The reason for this is that specialized domestic labor offices are the safest, and in the worst of things, you will not lose more than a commission. The domestic labor office may compensate you for it in the form of services and attempts to satisfy you. In all cases, manpower offices take exceptional and intense measures to reduce risks and maintain family safety. In addition, the greater the experience of the maid service office, the higher the degree of safety and confidence, due to the ability to determine the best options for domestic workers for your family in a safe and easy way.

Your greatest problem with maid offices may be the delay in providing an alternative if you do not agree with the first worker, but this is a completely safe issue compared to the risks that you may face from unknown individuals on social media... The summary of the first advice: Get your maids from a domestic labor office Or an HR services company and not from anywhere else.


2- Test it or ask high-level questions

Don't worry about having to get a maid or replace a maid quickly, forget to ask important questions, be friendly of course but ask for all the information you need.


3- Don't be quick to trust.

Maids offices work day and night to professionally check the records of maids and nannies, but this does not mean that you should start handing over your children to a babysitter, for example, 100% immediately. We do not recommend letting the nanny and/or your new driver take your child(ren) to school unaccompanied. We do not recommend that you leave your child(ren) without taking relevant safety and protection measures. Let confidence gain gradually and even then, make sure that you always monitor all movements of your child(ren) outside the home, keep valuable assets safe and locked, avoid discussing financial matters with labor around you and limit entry into your room and related places in your home.

Does this mean that the labor office does not trust the labor it provides??
From the reality of human nature, forgetfulness and the occurrence of mistakes resulting from human factors, as souls and hearts change under various factors, and therefore care is a basic duty when hiring domestic workers or any type of employment .... The employment office will take the necessary measures, but the family should also not forget Its role with regard to aspects of care and safety measures in daily life.


4- Don't get cheap and get shoddy labour.
The issue of salaries and prices of maids is very important, as it is an essential and main factor in the entire recruitment process. We explained this point previously, but as a final tip. Don't go with the cheap options, the results will be below than what you can imagine. it's the truth when hiring a miad in Egypt. pay a high salary and get a good maid. pay less then no need to waste your family resources in hiring less experienced maids. less salary = less experience.