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It is known to maid agencies in Egypt how a conflict of concepts occurs in defining domestic workers' jobs, for example a live in maid is considered by Egyptian families as a nanny at the same time, or a live in nanny is considered as a maid or housekeeper.

Dear housewife, a maid can never raise your children well. even if she's a Filipina maid, A nanny must have special skills that are not available in the normal maid.
But the maid still has various housework skills and cleaning skills even if the Filipina Nanny are perfect with kids but the skills can't be compared.

A Nanny can take care of the children and may prepare and feed them their food. The nanny is capable to take them where they need to go
and maybe help with the homework. Nannies are not housekeepers unless you specifically have housekeeping in their contract. Maids take care of the house by keeping it clean. They may do the laundry if it is in their contract. They might cook if it is in their contract. They do not typically take care of the children. Both Nannies and maids could live in or out, depending on arrangements. Nannies typically have use of a vehicle, vehicle and health insurance and vacation days included in their contracts as well as hours and what they expect to be paid. Nannies may agree to go on vacations to care for the children while the parents relax.