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Learn about the most important recreational areas in the Fifth Settlement - New Cairo

The Fifth Settlement is considered one of the best areas in Cairo, Egypt, which is characterized by the elegance of its neighborhoods and the luxury of the compounds in it, in addition to the presence of a number of services and entertainment venues that make it one of the distinguished cities. The times in the entertainment venues established specifically for your convenience.

A quick overview of the most important recreational areas in the Fifth Settlement, where you can bring your kids with their nanny to have fun outside.


 There are many recreational places spread widely among all the neighborhoods of the new Fifth Settlement area, and these places provide many distinguished services for the convenience of apartment and real estate owners, including:

 Cairo Festival City Mall.


 Downtown Mall.

 Seven Stars Mall.

 Meeting Point Mall.

 Wadi Degla Club.

 Al-Zohour Sports Club.

 New Cairo Club.

 family garden.

 Magic Stores Amusement Park.

 New Cairo Park.

 Magic Planet Games City.C


airo Festival City Mall - the best entertainment areas in the Fifth Settlement

 This mall is considered one of the largest malls in the Fifth Settlement, all services are available inside it, as it has outdoor parking spaces to prevent congestion, and this mall was established on a very large area to suit all your needs.

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 This mall includes a large variety of international shops dedicated to selling men's and women's clothing, as well as shoes, bags, youth and children's clothing. You can buy everything you want, as it is available in abundance inside this mall.

 This mall consists of several floors with a lot of shops and entertainment places for children. This mall also features a dancing fountain, and you can see a lot of trees and green spaces around the mall.


 Downtown Mall - the first entertainment venue in the Fifth Settlement

 Downtown Mall in the Fifth Settlement is the first mall that was built in this area. This mall is one of the largest and famous malls. This mall is located on the first ninety Street. This building was divided into several floors, all bearing the letter S.

 Within this mall, there are many international shops that are accepted by young people, adults, women and men. You can buy what you want from women's and men's clothing, shoes and children's clothing, all of which are international brands.


 This is in addition to the presence of international restaurants that offer the most famous seafood, and you can enjoy spending a good time at the cafes available inside this mall. You can choose among them, and because this mall is the largest and largest in the Fifth Settlement, it has been provided with exchange offices and currency exchange.

 You can buy everything your apartment needs of accessories and antiques, and also all car spare parts and accessories are available in this mall, as it is an integrated mall that includes all needs, and you can also buy the most famous international glasses from the optical shops that are widely spread in this mall.

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 And if you are a fan of French cuisine, you should visit this mall, as it contains a group of French restaurants serving famous international cuisine.

 Seven Stars Mall - the most famous mall in the Fifth Settlement


 Seven Stars Mall is one of the most famous malls in the Fifth Settlement. This mall is distinguished by its privileged location in the middle of all the upscale neighborhoods of the Fifth Settlement. It includes a large variety of international shops, in addition to a large group of international cafes and restaurants.

 All international brands of clothing, shoes and various electronic devices are available inside this mall. There are also shops for all pet supplies. ATMs are also provided. You can enjoy your time and buy what you need from this mall.

 Meeting Point Mall - the most famous mall for young people in the Fifth Settlement


 If you are one of the young people who want to move between cafes, restaurants and shops that offer all the needs of young people such as clothes, shoes, etc., then you must own an apartment for sale in the Fifth Settlement so that you can visit this mall and enjoy all the services available in it.

 Wadi Degla Club - the first football club in the Fifth Settlement

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 If you are a football fan and own an apartment in the Fifth Settlement, you should visit Wadi Degla Club, which is one of the first football clubs. This club also offers all its members many sports suitable for all ages.


 There are also many coaches in all sports that you can train in your favorite sport through them, as the main goal of the club was to win sports titles by scoring goals on the field.

 There is also a group of swimming pools for women and children and you can enjoy the sun and sit in front of the swimming pools, next to the gym available inside the club.

 Al-Zohour Sports Club - the most important clubs of the Fifth Settlement


 Al-Zohour Sports Club is one of the most important clubs that were built and established in the Fifth Settlement area. All educational and preparation activities for all ages are available within this club, as well as all special social activities.

 The most important thing about this club is Japanese sports of all kinds, where there is a special center for Japanese sports inside the club that works on qualifying you for these sports easily, and you can also spend fun times by attending the parties that are held in the club, where many social and entertainment parties are held, the goal of which is The main is the affinity of the members and the formation of new friends within the club.


 New Cairo Club - the largest clubs in the Fifth Settlement

 New Cairo Club is a name that shines in the sky of Egyptian clubs, not only because it is one of the largest and largest clubs, but also because it has many sports that suit young and old, whether they are women or men.

 This club was established on an area of ​​69 acres, and what distinguishes it most is its low temperature because it rises about 300 meters above sea level. Inside this club are Olympic swimming pools and swimming pools for women.



 Source of this image: Fameflynet

And do not forget the gym hall, which has all the equipment and capabilities necessary to do your favorite sport and also has a lot of sauna rooms, in addition to the presence of the social building, and there are also various playgrounds that are accepted by children and youth.

 Family Garden - the most beautiful recreational places in the Fifth Settlement

 The Family Garden is one of the most beautiful and best recreational places in the Fifth Settlement, which is suitable for families of all ages, and is characterized by its large area, and if you want to inquire about hygiene, it is one of the best gardens in terms of cleanliness, organization and services provided.

 You can enjoy your time and move between the places in the park through the golf cars that are scattered and provided free of charge by the park, in addition to the availability of a zoo inside where you can see different animals and also for free.


 This park includes three areas for fixed games suitable for all ages. You can spend the most beautiful times in this park.

 Magic Stores amusement park - the best amusement park for kids

 It is considered one of the most beautiful amusement parks located in the Fifth Settlement area, as it has a group of children's favorite and favorite games, in addition to another group of games preferred by adults.

 Where these amusement parks have been divided into games for children and other games for adults, in addition to the spread areas of video games, you can enjoy spending fun times with your family in these amusement parks.

 New Cairo Park - the first park in New Cairo City

 New Cairo Park is the first park that was built in the Fifth Settlement. This park includes a wonderful zoo with more than 200 species of pets and birds of charming beauty, in addition to a unique academy for equine education.


 This park also has a wonderful collection of purebred Arabian horses and a large yard where you can learn equestrianism and education is done by the best trainers in the park specifically for your education.


 Magic Planet Games City - Children's amusement park in the Fifth Settlement


 Magic Planet Games City is one of the best amusement parks in the Fifth Settlement and is completely suitable for children, as it contains all the simple games suitable for children, and also contains a wide variety of games suitable for all ages.


 It is an integrated game city where it offers a large and new collection of video games, as well as a group of car and motorcycle racing, you can pay all games through this kart system in addition to other payment systems available in all games.