People dislike bugs. It’s true. But here’s a fun fact: no matter how clean you keep your home, bugs can still get in.  But before you pack your bags at the first site of a cockroach, try our tips to naturally get rid of bugs in your house. 

Seal all cracks and openings.


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Inspect your screens, windows and doors for holes and cracks. Repair your screens and use caulk to fill in gaps and holes. You can also apply weather stripping around your doors, which will not only keep out drafts, but pesky bugs as well.

Disrupt the ants marching.

Ants always follow a leader and they rely on scent to follow the trail. Dish soap destroys the pheromone and upsets the creepy parade. Apply some soapy water under door frames that lead to outside.

Repel with peppermint. 

Peppermint is a natural repellent for many insects. Dilute 10 drops of essential oil with two cups of water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution around windows, door frames, and baseboards. *It’s important to note that peppermint can be extremely toxic for pets, especially cats. So, skip this one if you have fur babies.*

Offer a sour welcome. 

Ants have a sweet tooth and are naturally deterred by sour and bitter smells. Use a bit of lemon juice at your home’s entry points, or mix with water and use it as a cleaning agent in these areas. Similarly, black or cayenne pepper will also have the same effect.

Don’t offer them a buffet. 

Just because bugs will enter any home, dirty or clean, doesn’t mean you have to put out a spread once they’re inside. Crumbs on countertops and floors look like a smorgasbord for bugs. Vacuum and sweep often to remove the temptation. Also take steps to remove clutter, especially in cool, dark places as it provides an ideal spot for bugs to make a home.

Mix up a natural bug spray.

The combination of white vinegar and water is a great natural bug spray. Not only will it kill bugs on the spot and work to repel the others, but it’s an all-natural cleaning solution for countertops and floors. 

Learning how to get rid of bugs in the home naturally is easy. Take away their shelter, food, and water and they’ll quickly find someone else to bother.