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House Care Egypt much believes in getting you the most efficient and reliable home maid in Egypt! We make the process of getting a reliable and honest experienced maid easy and hassle free for  you!
Our house maids are interviewed in direct interviews personally. We handpick them to you by our HR recruiter. This is done through reviewing their backgrounds to ensure every detail about them and by evaluating process for building a close up version with their work and education history, as well as ensuring health screenings for every individual are done through us as well. Only then would we get them ready for your and on the list of domestic maids from us.
Depending on your needs and requirements, we will ensure that the selected maids go through the relevant and detailed trainings before arriving to serve your needs.
Our customer care service goes beyond the placement of your maid. Our experienced consultants will continue to work with you to ensure you receive the right support for the entire employment period. No matter how long is your contract with us, We will continue providing you the full support after contract and provide replacement if you asked for.
We Can Provide The Following Services to Your Family:
 Feel free to contact us today to get your best and reliable maid . We understand the process, let us lead the way. Contact us today!