Maids in Egypt
Maids in Egypt

Runaway maids have proven to be a very serious problem in Egypt such like any country, it's normal to have this type of issue, but the way we deal with it is different. And that's why most of Egyptian families prefer to get their maids from House Care Egypt. Statistics made by our research show that there are an average of 500 maids who abscond every month in Egypt, the number maybe a little more or less, because we didn't cover all "maid agencies in Egypt" in our research. The issue seen more among maids who come from African countries to work in Egypt?

Many Egyptian families prefer to employ specially African maids because of lower wages and low contract costs.

It may initially look to be less costly in hiring these maids comparing to making a deal to bring a maid from the her origin, but hiring the runaway maid can actually turn out to be very costly if these maids ran away after the third month if not earlier or later. The family will stand to lose an average of about EGP6,000 up to EGP12,000 (USD400 - USD800) per runaway maid if they are not contracted with trusted maids agency. Anyway hiring a none stable maid with this type of cheap contracts can be acceptable only if the maid is well known by the maid agency as well as the same goes to nannies agency.

any employers have discovered much to their dismay that “cheaper” actually turns out to be more costly. Reasons for maids running away include low salary, inability to manage their work responsibilities or attitude problems.

There have been many instances of employers who require maids very urgently. They were willing to employ a maid within 2 days (Yes in Egypt that's how it works). Imagine a family just make a call expecting to hire a maid in 2 days if not in the same day. Such “instant maids” are often not officially trained.

The reasons the instant maids are easily available include the following:
i) These “maids” are on loan from someone to work temporarily for someone else. This is completely illegal and will put you under legal responsibility in case of opened investigation.

ii) Most of the runaway maids in Egypt came in for visit. They are categorized as tourists and not permitted to work. But since maids agencies are able to fix their status so they contract with maid agencies in order to apply for work permit. Most of families don't pay the enough amount for the process, so the application is always on hold and the lack rules make it okay for having a maid working with a family during the application provided by the maid agency is in hold.

iii) And in rare cases these “maids” their applications to the immigration or embassy to renew their visas have been rejected at all possibly because they have entered the country illegally. (We didn't recognize any maid agency provide them jobs, but we noticed that social media might be a place for them to search for a job somewhere with low class families who don't care about their backgrounds whether they are good or criminals. 


The solution:

We provide totally reliable service by making everything done in the right way. we get our Indonesian maids in Egypt from their origin, it might look costly in the beginning but for sure it's cost saving. You will pay for the real service that will make you rest for years from the traditional maid hiring.

OUR Agency is responsible to process the employer’s and the maid’s documentation with immigration office in Egypt, The Embassy of Indonesia in Egypt, Indonesian Overseas Labor office and Indonesian Overseas Employment Administration. It will take 30 – 90 working days for all the processes. Then we will do the clearance at Egypt airport upon arrival of the maids and then will prepare the medical check up where the clinic’s selected by the employer itself.

Our agency also responsible for the welfare of the maid and to ensure the maid works properly. We also provide 2 yrs counseling service for the maid if she need to be counsel.

We provide the following certificates:
- Skills Development Certificate– 5 days
- Orientation Language & Culture Certificate– 5 days
- Practical training for homework and home economy Certificate - 3 days.

House Care Egypt is officially approved by and registered with the Egyptian Trade and Investment Authorities. It is also endorsed by the Indonesian Embassy in Egypt and given permission to coordinate with the sanctioned Manpower Agency in Indonesia. Our maids have to be in their country of origin and can only come in legally and officially as professional trained domestic housemaids approved by the Indonesian Embassy after clearance from the Immigration Department of Egypt.

Our maids are specially interviewed and recruited by our Indonesian Executive Maid Counselor who knows them and their families personally. These quality checks are carried out in a transparent and proper way so that there will be no runaway maids. You will have peace of mind, get value for your money and not have to suffer financial loss in the long run. Another definite benefit of having an Indonesian Maid from origin is that your family will be able to adapt her with the cultures and traditions that matters.


How to apply?

You can book an appointment with our consultant through phone, whatsapp +2N-A1 - +2N-A2, in order to discuss further more details and to apply with us for getting a maid from Indonesia.


Please be informed with the following:


1- We don't meet people without predefined appointments.

2- We don't provide information through phone, so your call should be only for reserving an appointment.

3- You can always follow up with your application through email: [email protected]