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Big Ramy - Mr. Olympia
Big Ramy - Success Story

We all heard about the success story of the Big Rami, Although the truth is that Big Rami, the Egyptian world champion for bodybuilding and Mr. Olympia champion, was not as comfortable in his early days as our children today and the new generation, but Captain Big Ramy had the best nanny ever. His mother was the main secret of his success through the testimony of the family members of this hero, whether through continuous encouragement or her understanding of his ambitions, as she is an authentic Egyptian mother who knows how to raise children well. But how does your son become like Big Rami and how do you train your son to be a lover of sports to become the future Big Ramy in the field he loves, to achieve great success and become popular as well as his pictures spread everywhere like the most beautiful pictures of Big Ramy on the Internet? .. Here's how to deal with the matter if your child has a live in nanny who deals with your child instead of you.

You may ask yourself .. How can you have a good nanny who can take good care of your children and bring out their best?

Ask your nanny to read this article as well, because it is so important to contribute to the upbringing of your children well.

The relationship between the lived in nanny (Stay in babysitter as well) and the child greatly affects the quality of time they spend together. The type of connection between the babysitter and your children and how they communicate with the children and organize that time well, enables them to make a great positive impact on their lives.

How can nannies in Egypt and babysitters in Cairo get your children to bring out the best they have? communication and respect are key to establishing and maintaining high-quality relationships with children. Children respond to the emotion that a nanny evokes in them. By proving herself to be a trusted and valued nanny, she can lay the foundation for highlighting their strengths over time.

If you ever wondered or were looking nanny agency numbers in Cairo for your kids, the matter is not that easy.

Be patient a little, it is not just a matter of babysitters offices or numbers of maid offices. You must first make sure that the maid or nanny agency that will provide you with a nanny is fully understanding the relationship between a good nanny and your child's future success. You definitely do not want a bad person to deal with your children because the relationship between them will be long and she will spend more time with them than you. It will take patience to develop a good relationship with them until they get to know each other, and get to know them well enough to really help them. Every day will be an opportunity to come close and make a positive impact in their lives.

The first step. Choose a babysitter's provider (Nannies agency) that understands the importance of making a great first impression between a babysitter and children.
Never get upset if you feel that your new nanny fakes kindness with your children during their first interview for a job interview because that simply means that she seeks to make the first impression she makes on your children is good and she understands how it's important in the long term in the relationship between them.

I personally remember when a respectable family was looking for babysitting office agency in the Fifth Settlement, where we provided her with one of the best babysitters and nannies we have, and the first impression was a milestone that everyone remembers after eight years since the family contracted with us. It was a great start, and very frankly, it does not happen in such a successful way every time, and it may happen that the relationship between the nanny and the children worsens because it is always related to the first meeting with the children when their parents interview the new nanny.

Make sure you have a babysitter or a nanny who is willing to communicate well with them (Regardless of their age).
Do not look for an uneducated nanny, this is a bad thing, but you have to search for an educated nanny to be able to encourage your children in the field of study and practice of sports so that one of them becomes Big Ramy someday in the future. We all watched the legendary reception of world champion Big Ramy and everyone asks how do I become Big Rami or how do I make my son like Big Rami. The matter is exciting, but if you have many concerns, the solution is with the educated nanny.


Many are looking for an obedient worker or nanny who is obedient, but she will not make a big difference with children because the babysitters and the nannies must be educated and have high qualifications.

Not only the qualification is important, but also she must be smart and know how to create enthusiasm within your children to succeed in life and give them encouraging advice, organize their time and make their life not only a luxury, but a positive working life more productive and in this case. she must be intelligent who can easily understand your children, handle their requirements, and encourage their skills and talents.

After hiring a good nanny, ask her to measure their level of active participation in sporting activities, including those who have a love and passion for sport. this applies to all the talents and activities that they prefer, from drawing, art, singing and music to playing with blocks and building shapes .. Ask her to discover the talent of each one to help assess the situation and determine the best path forward.


When a nanny is available looking for work, you must have a background in her skills. This will not be known unless she has a respectable record with a domestic labor office in Cairo or Egypt in general. For example, we at House Care provide you with the best babysitters and we can know whether the babysitters have the awareness and culture required from the beginning or not, note that we have databases that include a survey of the practical history of each babysitter. We know the advantages of each one and we know whether the best fit for your children is a foreign nanny or an Egyptian babysitter. It's not just data on a computer. But through the accumulation of experiences over more than 15 years in the field of domestic workers in Egypt.

We understand that forcing a child to communicate with a stranger is never a good idea. Thus, our child-rearing experts will deal with this matter, so you do not expect to provide you with the best prices for a babysitter only, but expect the quality of the babysitter even if her monthly salary may be slightly higher than the prices of maids in Egypt. You will have to gain a little confidence before you have a chance to contact us to get the best resident babysitter, whether a babysitter in Maadi, a babysitter on 6 October, or even a babysitter in Heliopolis or Nasr City. We do not want to enumerate all the places, but we have the best babysitters, whether a babysitter in the Fifth Settlement or a babysitter in New Cairo in general.

Not only that, we have very distinguished cadres to achieve the goal of your children’s growth and success, whether in other Egyptian governorates or Alexandria and Cairo.

Imagine what it would be like for them to meet a nanny who loves them and takes care of them after you go to work. It's worth a try, but please don't ask for a nanny at a cheap price, as we offer the quality for a good salary. If you are looking for an educated babysitter at a cheap price at the level that we are talking about, you should review the matter .. In any case, do not worry. Contact the House Care for Domestic Workers to speak with the experts of domestic workers in Egypt to find out the options available according to your budget.

Anyway, let's continue our interesting talk about how to make your son become like Big Rami ... You have to know that the nanny is just a stone in the corner of the building. The building for your child will not be completed as you wish, unless the whole family is supportive and qualified for him. You cannot expect your child to succeed by only having a respectable nanny around. Stay calm, and watch for signs your child is ready for success. then help him and encourage him to form the concepts of his success and how he could achieve a lot. Make sure he is always ready to express his ambitions and provide him with the means for that in advance, watch the activities that he is most interested in.

If your kids enjoy playing ball, ask your nanny to take them outside and everyone can throw the ball together. The nanny can join them, show interest in their talent, and talk to them about the importance of their success in this field if they are patient and diligent.

If they like arts and crafts, do not tell them to stop doing that .. Do not use suggestions with them that indicate that those who care about handicrafts are workers and industrialists only .. On the contrary, encourage them to practice handicrafts. I remember one of our respected clients who works as a doctor at an American university in Egypt. He sent his son to a carpentry workshop under the supervision of one of the most skilled craftsmen and asked the chief worker to supervise him in exchange for a salary and remunerative rewards .. All this is only in order to encourage his son’s talent when he saw him make art forms with wood and carpentry tools. Five years later, this child is one of the most skilled interior designers and now runs a high-end furniture design company at the age of twenty. This is not a joke, but a success story that we are proud of that we witness its occurrence and are proud of this father despite some difficulties we went through with him until we realized his desire to have a nanny worthy of his aspirations towards his children. In fact, it is worth to mention that he was generous with the live-in nanny because she was educated and smart, and she was not of a poor or bad standard, Also I would mention that we offered him two nannies before her and there was no reconciliation with them for many reasons, but we succeeded in achieving his ambition to provide an efficient and polite nanny. Actually all of them were respected even if one of them failed at one point.

We are straightforward about this and take pride in our customers who have supported us in providing them with the best we have.

The secret of the success of some babysitters and the failure of others may be in the way the nanny listens to the opinions of the parents, it is clear that parents know more about the child than anyone else. This makes them a great source of good advice going forward with the nanny's interaction with the children and how to communicate with their children.

A babysitter should listen to what parents have to say when they get to know each other. They may provide valuable information about their child. We advise parents to provide these tips and if they do, it will be a very good start in the journey to support children's success.

Make sure the nanny has the necessary training before the first time she takes care of your children. She should consider her responsibilities, and ask related questions accordingly. We always advise nannies to ask about everything related to the child because it is useful to know what they like and what makes them excited. Most importantly, the nanny will also need to know each child separately.

What do they respond well to?
What do they like or hate?
Do they have any personal quirks that are helpful to know?
Every time the nanny learns more about the baby she gets another piece of the puzzle. Then she can start putting these pieces together.


It is also important to have a nanny who is able to communicate with your child psychologically, as the biggest factor in determining the quality of its relationship with your child is the quality of communication, whether vocal or through eye language. It is not an impossible thing at all even if it is difficult at first. But it must be developed naturally.

Let her enjoy her time with your children. Give her freedom at home and let her create her own way of communicating with children. The idea of CCTV ​​cameras in the house and diligent monitoring of her steps is not an effective thing in making her relationship with the children good. We have gone through these experiences with families who are anxious to the point of suspicion, and the result of strict censorship was that the nanny did not innovate in her work because she was under psychological pressure from the presence of someone watching her breath even in relation to her personal matters and her bedroom. This kind of strict supervision resulting the big failure of the nanny and will end by leaving her job.

The solution here is to watch in silence. Do not call her from another city and tell her, "I saw you busy on your phone screen far from my son, bla bla bla).

This is negative gossip and is not good at creating a spirit of fun between her and your children .. Let her attract them to her with the funny videos on YouTube." Kids not only love funny clips but also love to watch YouTube videos about building challenging structures. Let them watch together. And once she gains their love, she will do what it takes to organize their time and not to waste it looking at the screen or wasting it on things that are not intended. Because she knows how to attract children to her and thus will give each of your children the opportunity to tell her about themselves. she will ask them what they like and do not like. And she will discover what they are good at to give them good ideas to excel.

When you have a resident nanny and a smart babysitter, she will be able to find more pieces to solve the puzzle of your children, and she will start putting them together to help your children very much.

If they have a personal favorites, your nanny can bring a new book they want to read from the library, or better yet, go for a walk to the library and find one together!

In these simple ways, you can make the nanny a great factor in developing and building your child's skills to become a champion of the world in what he/she loves and in his hobbies and talents, May be will become Mr. Olympia or the man of the impossible or one of the heroes of Netflix and its makers who have influenced the world, or it may be Bill Gates the future Or better yet. It is all about encouraging and supporting the talent and making everything that surrounds your child contribute to developing and building his capabilities, starting with the person who takes care of them, meaning in this case the nanny or babysitter, and passing through to other people and elements of the surrounding environment.

One day I read a quote from a luxury car designer and one of the owners of German car factories that says (If you give your child a billion dollars in his hand, after ten years he will be penniless because he will get drunk, but if you bring him a nanny who is educated and has a real level of effectiveness, you will not spend more than a thousand dollars per month. In ten years your son will become one of the most successful public figures in the country.)

We note here that the value of $ 1000 is not the salary of the nanny in Egypt in most cases, "The salary for nannies in Egypt starts from USD400 up to USD999" but the prices of the maids in Egypt are lower than that, but the intended saying is that the lesson is not quantitative, but the added value that you give to your children over the days and years.



To achieve the success of your child in the event that you are busy, get a resident educated nanny and pay a slightly higher salary to achieve the highest goal towards your child. Contact us Today to help you.

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