12 mighty orphans is a real story
12 mighty orphans is a real story

12 Mighty Orphans is a 2021 American sports film written by Roberts, Lynne Garrison, and Kevin Mayer and directed by Ty Roberts. Based on a true story book written by Jim Dent.

“Twelve Great Orphans: The Inspiring True Story of the Powerful Orphans Who Ruled and Controlled American Football in Texas.” The book is based on the true story of an important success story that took place at the Masonic School for Orphans in Fort Worth, Texas.

The film was released in the United States on June 11, 2021 by Sony Pictures Classics. It received mixed reviews from critics.

The story tells of a sports coach who arrived at a Masonic school for orphans and then formed a professional soccer team with the orphaned boys.

The story, although at first glance it may seem repetitive in some films, the reality of the events, the way of directing, in addition to the embodiment of reality in the story made the film and the story more inspiring, as the orphans are subjected to beatings, reprimands and repeated insults, in addition to the way they reached the orphanage and the loss of their parents who left them Deliberately. Despite the misery embodied by the events, they shed an inspiring and wonderful light on how to get out of difficult times and difficult circumstances to a path full of hope, at the end of which achievements are achieved after hardship, effort, sacrifices, sadness, pain and patience.


The story of the great orphans, is an inspiring story of how to achieve success through real-life events that give an idea of ​​how to succeed in life and achieve great achievements.

The film stars Luke Wilson, Vanessa Shaw, Wayne Knight, Jake Austin Walker, Jacob Loebland, Levi Dylan, Robert Duvall and Martin Sheen.



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