Pokemon Go Fest
Pokemon Go Fest

Have you ever imagined entering your company to surprise an employee, who had left his office and retired to a far corner to play Pokemon? If this has not already happened, we advise you not to be surprised when you see this, and we also advise you to play if you have the opportunity or in the hour of rest.


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Launched for smartphones by The Pokémon Company, Niantic and Nintendo, "Pokémon GO" is a game that uses geolocation information to capture and combat orcs and ghosts in the real world. How can you as a company director or even the chairman of the company's board of directors resist the fight against ghosts? Enjoy it is really worth the fun.

The game has generated impressive profits for the company since the game was launched on the App Store and Google Play in Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, and to the rest of the world, where it ranked first in terms of revenue and the company's shares in the stock exchange rose significantly.

We are now in an hour of rest, so let's get to know the amazing anti-ghost game.

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Pokémon GO uses the whole Earth as a stage! Players will act as coaches, roaming and exploring different places in the real world. Pokémon can be found all over the world. Manager, you can set out to find Pokémon in the real world!

As we all know, another game called "Ingress" developed by Niantic Labs is also very popular, so players who have played "Ingress" will have a certain advantage in "Pokémon GO". The game's editor-in-chief confirmed that part of the data for the two games is being shared. Portal stronghold in "Ingress" is the gym and recovery point in "Pokemon GO" Portal fortress level determines the level of the portal fortress in "Pokemon Go" Is it a gym or the location of the Pokemon in Pokemon GO? Portal bases with level 5 or higher will become gyms, and those with level 5 or lower will be Pokémon sites.

No matter if you feel the complexity of the terminology of the game, young people understand and perhaps your company employees enjoy in the break time chasing ghosts through the game and understand those strange terms.

pokemon site

You can understand a lot about the exciting game of Pokémon Go and get a lot of items in the Pokémon website.

Various tools

In Pokemon Go there are different tools to deal with ghosts

Wild Ghost Catching Tools

When Pokémon GO is activated, the smartphone will vibrate to notify the player when a Pokémon appears nearby. The lower right corner of the screen shows Pokémon that can be caught nearby. There will also be small footprints under the Pokémon icon, the fewer the feet, the closer the Pokémon will get to you. Click on the object that appears on the map, and you will encounter the object. Different lands will have different pokemon, for example, there will be a lot of water-type pokemon phantoms appearing beside the river, and grass-type pokemon and insects will be hunted near the big grasslands. When capturing a Pokémon, you can turn on the AR option and throw a Poke Ball at the Pokémon that appears in the actual scene to capture. Throwing the ball is still difficult. This action is also related to the time in the real world. The world of "Pokémon GO" also has the concept of day and night, and the Pokemon that appear during the day and night will also be different and each has different tools to hunt them.

Do you remember the movie Ghostbusters?

Pokemon Go is a fun way to hunt Pokemon and ghosts like ghost hunters. This is a great movie from the 90's.

Enhance and Evolve Pokemon

In this action, the Pokémon booster relies on Stardust and Candy Pokémon to increase points. Different elves need different amounts of star dust and sugar. The evolution of the elves also depends on the candy, the number of candy required for the evolution of the different elves varies, for example, a little fire dragon needs 25 small candy to turn into a fiery dinosaur. When the trainer catches a new type of Pokémon, he will get a certain amount of Stardust and three candy XX Pokémon, and when he catches them again, the candy he gets will be changed to one.

Do your employees play pokemon? If the answer is yes, they are now busy hatching Pokémon eggs by walking around the office.. Are you laughing?

In fact, when visiting a Pokémon site, Pokémon eggs are sometimes found. Just like the way the eggs hatch in the cartoon "Pokémon" series, they will hatch within actual miles of walking. The egg that every employee in your company gets takes 10 kilometers of walking around the office to hatch, anyone in the game can carry up to 9 eggs.

The world of Pokémon also has a different economic system than reality and there are completely different markets and exchange rates for Pokémon coins.

Examples of pokemon coins:

Poké Ball: 20,100 Pokémon coins, 100,460 Pokémon coins, 20,800 Pokémon coins.

There is also magical incense: 1 incense for 80 gold, 8 for 500 gold, and 25 for 1250 gold. And so on.


That's all we can know so far. About the game Pokemon Go, which distracted employees and workers from their work, not only in the hour of rest, but also outside the actual working hours.



Let your employees enjoy their free time and they will feel more productive quickly.