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House Care Egypt, was for several years the best place for getting the best candidates for the benifit of 3rd parties as a recruiting agency. but now we are developing our business and expanding in order to be in parallel with the new normal and to adapt with the new market requirements. in Order to do so we are looking for talented people such like you to join our team and to be hired by us directly for the benifit of you our company and you. This job offers are very special because it's for us. we will go through the same process we use when we hire someone for our clients but this time we will focus on our needs as we do for our clients as well but more specifically for our business model.

HCE Best maid agency Cairo

Many of our clients benefit from our competitive rates and hire us to do the selection of the best skilled workers. But we also provide employment services for companies. If you have a company and want employees and domestic workers, you can use House Care Egypt to provide carefully selected crews and cadres, in addition to employee training services through House Care Egypt, where we design training programs suitable for the skills you are looking for in your employees.

Think about that. We eat in our beds, we sweat while we’re sleeping, and let’s be honest, sometimes our kids pee in our beds. And where do we go when we’re sick? Our beds. All that means mattress stains from urine, blood, and even vomit are almost inevitable if you don’t use a waterproof mattress cover. If you don’t want to deep clean your mattress more often than you have to, learn how to clean mattress stains using this field-tested guide.

Read on to learn how to remove stains from a mattress using safe and effective natural cleaning supplies you probably have in your home already.

Pools, both in- and above-ground, provide hours of family fun all summer long. But these outdoor recreational hotspots do require some regular maintenance, especially at the end of the season. In fact, pools need to be cleaned more often than you think, like twice a week often. While the process to clean a swimming pool isn’t easy, it can be done DIY. Follow our plan on how to clean a pool to make sure yours is clean and sanitized all season long.

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