Get a domestic helper for 3-months contract without contract fees

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We present to you the gift of the new year 2020 .. live-in or non-resident maid, nanny, home manager, butler, ,or any type of domestic workers with a 3-month contract without commission or contract fees.

Conditions for getting a free 3-month contract from House Care Egypt:

  • The employment to be provided is and from any nationality except Benin, Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Indonesia or the Philippines.
  • The customer agrees to renew the contract for a period of 3 or more identical months, while paying the new contract fee without deduction, and this is stipulated in the free contract.
  • The customer will bear the allowance to deliver domestic labor to his home or residence.
  • The offer is valid until January 10 of the new year only.
  • The selection of the maids and nannies shall done by the company without hassles on client.
  • The client may not fail to comply with the completion of the contract after signing the contract and obtaining the required employment.
  • The application must be submitted through WhatsApp numbers or through the website only.


This offer ended on 10 January 2020