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⚡Important Announcement⚡
From ❤️HouseCareEgypt.❤️

Dear Valued Customers:
It was a long journey together developing our services to satisfy your family needs and finding new solutions to ensure high-quality services from us as a leading company in Egypt market. We crossed through many success points while there were some mistakes that we honestly acknowledge in order to provide a high level of transparency for every family dealing with us.
We worked hard years after years until we crossed through 2019 to deliver new ways for our workforce to be legally documented and covered by authorities involved in the subject of hiring and recruiting domestic workers and household-based workforce.
We introduced the multi-level insurance at the end of 2019 to make sure that every new hire is monitored under a newly introduced track record with the mentioned authorities.
And now In 2020, we're all facing the COVID-19 pandemic which is hard for everyone. Our mission is to make sure that every new hire from us can safely arrive at the workplace without affecting negatively on the employer and the family. So we're introducing new solutions for hiring domestic workers in Egypt as a fast response to the pandemic to ensure the continuation of our services for current customers and for future customers as well.
Our responses to the COVID-19 pandemic are as follows:
1- We invested in building Digital Virtual Conference Room for the first time in Egypt. We integrated it with our platform, so from now, every current customer wants to make a new hire replacement will be allowed to use the Digital Virtual Conference Room to make online interviews with the candidates. The cost will be free of charge for all current customers until further notice, while the new customers will cover the cost of the busy time on our server.
More information can be fount on our home page: https://housecareegypt.com/en/
And also here, https://housecareegypt.com/en/managed-services/online-interview/online-interview-service-detail.html
(For reference, We consider our new digital service as the first solution of its kind in the employment services in Egypt.)

2- Starting from June 2020, As a final decision, We are not accepting new customers (Families who are looking for domestic workers) except if the family that asks for the service was recommended by our current customers who have been with us for at least 1 or 2 successful years. We aim to provide our family services for the well known elite community only. This applied only to the (family services model) until further notice or any updated policy.

3- We are introducing a new B2B model that will be available for every sector, business, institution, and all private companies. This business model aims to provide enhanced HR service consultation for the private sector at first. More details about the HR services can be found here: https://housecareegypt.com/en/hr-services.html

4- As a new service policy, All new hires will be under health monitoring. We will provide free doctor visits to all our workers for detecting symptoms of COVID-19 and any other disease.
All doctor visits and health checkup costs will be sponsored by us except for the (PCR) examination. PCR request will be sponsored by the customer if the doctor or the medical lab reports mentioned that the candidate is clear of COVID-19 or any known symptoms of any disease.

5- All new hires will be sent to the workplace far from public transportation as a newly added policy. All our reps will use the provided private transportation that has been sterilized.
All our updated services can be requested via all regular methods in addition to the live chat on our website in case of busy lines.

We are still here in service anytime. don't hesitate to contact us anytime you wish and if you would love to report any issue you can contact our admins directly via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please remember that all discussions on our Whatsapp numbers are monitored by admins from time to time as an additional way to ensure the delivery of quality services.


Thank you