Human Resource Outsourcing in Egypt!

HR outsourcing agency in Egypt

Human resources services in Egypt in most companies depend on the human resources department that takes care of employee affairs internally, but in light of the Corona pandemic, companies must now reduce costs, and the best way to reduce the costs of the human resources department is by assigning human resources tasks and functions to external sources and we are here to help you outsource your HR functions to us in HouseCareEgypt.

Because HR functions can be complex and time-consuming, businesses choose to outsource either the entirety of HR logistics or a portion of HR responsibilities such as payroll.

Human resources services from House Care Egypt include the following services:


• Recruitment, training and development (by designing training programs according to the nature of your company)

• Oversight of the organizational structure and staffing requirements

• Track your company's departmental goals, objectives, and strategies to ensure they are applied to recruitment and employee rehabilitation programs

• Designing employee orientation programs

• Process payroll and generate reports

• Designing final reports for the senior management of companies

• Recruiting competencies, evaluating the recruitment process and conducting pre-employment tests.