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The Lady of Heaven Budget is $15 Million
The Lady of Heaven Budget is $15 Million

 in the United Kingdom. The movie Our Lady of Paradise is one of the many films that are considered the result of an integrated economic industry that billions are spent on annually and at the same time this industry suffers from the fluctuations of the fourth industrial revolution, here He highlighted the effects of the film Our Lady of Paradise and other cinematic and dramatic works on the film industry and the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


In fact, this article talks about the purely economic aspect only, without discussing the cultural and religious aspects associated with the production of the film Our Lady of Paradise, as this is not our specialty.

In this article, we will discuss the most important economic information about the film, the film industry in general and the potential impacts in the wake of the Corona pandemic and the vicissitudes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


If you are looking to watch and download the movie Our Lady of Heaven, complete or minus, this is your choice. You can download the movie Our Lady of Heaven to watch and rate it for yourself, but as a short summary of the movie Our Lady of Heaven, it is an epic British historical drama film of 2021 directed by Ellie King in his first directing, and it was banned in Britain is currently maintaining ties of friendship with stakeholders related to the film's messages, which are not our specialty to discuss here.


The movie "Our Lady of Heaven" was called in English  The Lady of Heaven. Filming of the movie Our Lady of Paradise began in August of 2019 until the end of October of the same year, and the film clips were filmed in several cities, most notably Tbilisi and London. 

Later, Hannibal Media in Los Angeles, United States, acquired the rights to sell the film worldwide.


The Lady of Heaven Marketing

Our Lady of Heaven was promoted on the grounds that it was the first-ever cinematic production of its kind and content. Some countries, most notably Pakistan, made miserable attempts to block the trailer for the film.

The movie Our Lady of Heaven was supposed to be released in 2020, but like many films that have been delayed due to the Corona pandemic, its release has been postponed. Then on October 25, 2021, it was announced that the film would premiere in the United States on December 10, 2021.

Subsequently, the film was released on June 3, 2022 in cinemas in Britain and the United Kingdom.


Reviews about the movie

Some considered that the content of the film was offensive to certain social groups, which affected its presentation and economic return, in cinemas. However, direct movie broadcasting platforms benefited from criticism, through which offers to watch the movie Our Lady of Paradise online for the audience.


Our Lady of Heaven movie budget

Our Lady of Heaven was produced and released with a budget of $15 million.


Economic factors and the impact of the film industry on the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The movie Our Lady of Paradise is among many films whose production has been affected by the Corona pandemic, as  the American Film Association issued a report on the film industry for the year. According to the report, “The global theater, cinema and entertainment market has declined by 18% compared to 2019 to reach $80.8 billion due to the exceptional impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You might think that the decline is less than expected, but given the history, it is not. 

The state of global film industry sales
The cinema and home entertainment market as an alternative to traditional cinema grew 31% instead of a 72% drop in theater revenue. (For reference, paid channels were excluded from the report.) As of 2019, the home cinema market based on streaming platforms such as Netflix and Shahid.com has outpaced regular theater and cinema revenue. The report points to  the fast growing online video market like Netflix. The number of subscribers of online video platforms reached 1.1 billion, an increase of 26% compared to 2019. Given the growth rate so far, even if the Corona 19 pandemic ends, the online video market is expected to expand further as a natural result of the Fourth Industrial Revolution .

In the online video market, Netflix, the main provider of movie streaming services, has 204 million subscribers, followed by Amazon Prime and Disney with 180 million and 145 million subscribers each.


We do not have reliable figures or reports on the number of Shahid VIP platform subscribers yet.


On the other hand, and within the fluctuations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the economic cinema sector, China achieved the first place in the world with a value of 3 billion dollars, surpassing the United States and Canada with 2.2 billion dollars for the first time. And as we enter the second half of last year, North America has been getting worse while China is taking over the world of cinema.

South Korea is also the world's fourth largest movie box office market, generating $400 million in revenue. With the growth of digital broadcasting platforms.


The impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on watching movies

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is considered the most important factor in changing the modern film industry, as people switched from watching movies in cinemas to watching them on television during the Third Industrial Revolution and now everyone is turning to watching on demand via the Internet supported by the tremendous technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the same applies to the movie Our Lady of Heaven And any foreign films, American films, Korean and Arab films, whether subtitled films or dubbed films. It's not much different.


Finally , whether people agree or disagree on the content of any film, creativity remains a factor of human beauty, and disagreement about the content of a work of art should not cause people to create problems and go beyond the scope of decent morals in dealing with those who disagree with them in opinion.


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