The Lady of Heaven movie is a creative work
The Lady of Heaven movie is a creative work

Want to "watch The Lady of Heaven"? Whether you want to watch or download the movie The Lady of Heaven, you may have heard about the criticisms raised about the movie, like all the criticisms faced by all creative works, especially those related to certain cultural themes.

Given the criticisms facing artworks, regardless of their content, the matter must be viewed from an economic point of view, as supporting artistic and creative works is in itself a support for economic reform efforts, especially when the economic and historical ties are strong with the original creator of the artwork.


Let's find out where the movie "The Lady of Heaven" was produced, as the film was produced in British cities, with international production techniques and $15 million was spent on this artwork. 


But does Britain have a direct relationship with the production of the movie Our Lady of Heaven?

In fact, contrary to what the Arabs think that Britain directly supported the production of the movie "The Lady of Heaven" , but this is absolutely not true, as Britain is the place of production and not the producer, like the pornographic film at the pyramids that was produced in Egypt, we cannot say that Egypt I have never produced a porn movie, and the production of pornographic films in Egyptian cities without financial support from the Ministry of Information is not considered an Egyptian production, especially since the producing companies are usually foreign companies. We note here the difference between licensing the company to operate in the same country and licensing the production of content and the quality of work. Usually, countries do not directly interfere in directing artistic and creative works, but when it comes to publishing, the works published in local media must usually respect the law and the culture of the people.


The same is the case in Britain, where the film was produced, which Britain later banned from showing in British cinemas. Despite that, the film became popular in terms of advertising, and now everyone can watch the movie Our Lady of Heaven for free or on video and digital broadcasting platforms.


Is Britain seeking to produce subversive works?

On the contrary, history proves that Britain is a great country in its noble efforts in building a balanced world, and there is no country in the world that was part of Britain that did not witness economic progress and progress in infrastructure, and we will talk about some examples.


Building modern cities and reconstructing the desert in the face of destructive criticism

History proves that the United Kingdom "Great Britain" in previous historical periods contributed to the economic renaissance of countries through giant projects that contributed to raising the quality of people's lives in various regions of the world.


In Egypt, for example, Britain built modern societies and new cities in the heart of the desert, and these cities became iconic in contemporary Egyptian history.

For example, "Heliopolis City" and its beauty, planning uniqueness, greatness of its infrastructure, and carefully planned streets, is a vivid example of the historical relations between Egypt and Britain, and the economic renaissance in which the United Kingdom contributed to the development of Egyptian society, educating people and building cultural and civilizational awareness at the time. The country was suffering from the Ottoman backwardness at the time, when Egypt was united with the Ottomans in conquering the Egyptian society.

Under the most difficult conditions for the Egyptians, the Egyptians found the Queen of Britain and the British government side by side with them and they reconstructed the Egyptian desert and built modern cities, road networks, railway networks and metro networks, so that Egypt was chosen from among all the countries of the world to build the second largest railway lines in the world at the time. It was chosen as a cultural and tourist destination.


History says that historical relations with Britain can never be forgotten just because of disagreement over a creative idea, or some cultural content, even though the difference over creative ideas is in itself supposed to stimulate more creativity and not the other way around.


We will not talk about the problem of the creative artwork that was embodied in the movie "The Lady of Heaven" , but we will take the matter from its larger picture because human relationships should not be reduced to differences over a particular vision.


Let us look at Britain's history in dealing with the Arab world, especially when we talk about the distinguished historical relationship between Britain and Saudi Arabia, despite the many artworks produced by the Saudis to criticize Britain and tarnish its image in the Arab world. Why don't the British take on these criticisms sharply? The answer lies in the fact that artworks remain in the end points of view that invite all contemplation and reflection, and artworks should be dealt with only peace and high morals.



The economic aspect of creative artworks

Any artwork always contributes to moving the wheel of the economy in some way, even if this artwork raises questions or criticism, but many different industries thrive because of artworks. Therefore, the best advice in times of disagreement about artworks is to look at it from an economic perspective that contributes to the recovery Societies and move the wheel of the economy and not the other way around.

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