Tony Dow
Tony Dow

Despite rumors of the death of American star Tony Dow, his family issued a statement that he is still alive, but who is Tony Dow? And how did a desperate, frustrated young man with two bouts of cancer become an icon of success?

Tony Dow struggled with depression in his twenties, and after successfully overcoming depression he made a self-help video to help others, later surviving two bouts of cancer. Then he became a sculptor sculpting statues and later set up a construction company.

Tony Dow was not lucky in his life, he was poor from a poor family suffering from petty financial problems.

Despite that, he became an icon of success after a long career with cancer, and during his life, entrepreneurship and then working in the cinema were among the things that helped him overcome frustration and turn into a source of inspiration for many.

Some say that the reason Tony Dow shines, is that he was born in Hollywood. But this is not real. Hollywood is a city like other American cities with all aspects of life and all social classes.

Dow has appeared in series including "General Hospital," "Mr. Novak," "Never Before," "Lassi," "Love, American Style," "Square Pegs," and "Love Boat," in which he himself starred. He also played his role in the 2003 comedy "Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star", which featured several former young actors, and appeared in the John Landis comedy "The Kentucky Fried Movie".

Tony Dow is currently suffering from the disease and his administration announced his death after false information from his wife, who suffers from some confusion due to his health condition in the "elderly home".

Who is Tony Dow's wife?

Tony Dow's wife is Lauren Shulkind and she is now 75 years old.