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  • How to be an optimistic person to success as an entrepreneur?


    Are you the person who prefer to imagine the future brighter? many good things can be done? many successes can be achieved?

  • How to success in business like movie stars? Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

    Inspirational success stories are important in building a perception about the path that leads to success whether in personal and social life, or in the field of entrepreneurship, or even achieving success in business activities. Inspiration is an important source of knowledge about the ideal entrepreneurial environment, however success stories and inspiration differ from one entrepreneur to another, especially with different field and type of work, for example success in a business based on sales is different from success in business based on film production ,

  • Tony Dow | Two bouts of cancer made an inspiring person

    Tony Dow

    Despite rumors of the death of American star Tony Dow, his family issued a statement that he is still alive, but who is Tony Dow? And how did a desperate, frustrated young man with two bouts of cancer become an icon of success?