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Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors

In the American NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors team showed superior skills from the beginning of the American championship, and the beautiful thing is that all members of the team, including the coach, are from very poor families in America, what you need to know is that the Golden State Warriors or GSW is an American professional basketball team based in San Francisco.

The Warriors, who compete from the team, are called the Warriors in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as part of the Pacific West. Why is this team in particular such an inspiration to Americans, and to the world?

Let's first get acquainted with the history of this team, as the Philadelphia Warriors formed in 1946, moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1962, took their historical name from the city's name (formerly the San Francisco team), and then changed their name to the Golden State in 1971.

The Warriors won their first championship in 1947, and again in 1956 led by the trio of Hall of Fame, Paul Arizin, Tom Gila and Neil Johnston.

The team struggled in the 1980s, but by the team's 10th year, they had become key players in the NBA Playoffs, and claimed a major championship title at the time.

The team returned to glory in 2015 with the new team, which is considered a new start at all, as all team members are mostly from poor families, but their successes led by Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson and Draymond Green won the admiration of Americans and the world in terms of the ability to achieve successes from the most difficult Circumstances, they won again in 2017 and 2018 with the help of former MVP Kevin Durant.

There is a similar story about 12 Mighty Orphans who changed history but in American football and also became an inspiring example to the world of achieving remarkable success.

The two stories for the two teams are somewhat similar even though The Great Orphans were the most inspiring in history.


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The Warriors holds multiple NBA titles and has become the most expensive NBA sports franchise and the sixth most expensive sports franchise in the world, with a value of $4.7 billion.