HouseCareEgypt verifies diplomas, degrees, certificates and dates of attendance at a school. The education level listed on resumes is one of the most over embellished pieces of information given by applicants. According to Hloom, five of the top 10 real lies relate to education: alma mater, academic degree, college major, GPA and college minor. A common misrepresentation we see on applications/resumes is someone listing they graduated from a high school, when in actuality the student graduated from an adult education program or obtained a GED. In addition, a student may indicate they have a degree, but the school only has enrollment dates or no record of the student ever attending. Types of Information Returned: Dates Of Attendance Major Diploma/Degree/Certificate Type Date Of Graduation Grades / GPA Credits Accumulated Honors Verified By (Name & Title) Some schools/colleges/universities outsource their verifications to third-party verifiers. These third-party verifiers charge additional fees. HouseCareEgypt will inform you prior to running this type of search to approve additional charges.

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