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HouseCareEgypt knows how difficult hiring can be. Resumes are sometimes embellished by applicants, so it is important to know the truth. We offer employment verifications to help employers look into the work history of the applicant. We can provide a simple employment dates and job title report, or a more in-depth report that includes salary, job responsibilities, reason for leaving, eligibility to rehire, etc. We contact past employers so you don’t have to. Some employers outsource their verifications to third-party verifiers. These third-party verifiers charge additional fees. Research Services will inform you prior to running this type of search to approve additional charges. HouseCareEgypt will make a minimum of three good-faith attempts on every verification. If additional information is required to assist with verification, our staff will reach out to our client. Being in business since more than a decade our staff has performed thousands of these verifications. With that experience has come knowledge and data lists that ensure faster verifications.

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