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For many years, the Egyptian market has suffered from the lack of an effective mechanism to control the services of domestic workers, and despite the presence of House Care Egypt in the market for more than 10 years, the service delivery mechanism did not differ significantly from those in the Egyptian market until 2013, when we started to activate modern mechanisms Appropriate and developed over time. In 2019, we started to activate a new unprecedented philosophy in the Egyptian labor market to solve many problems, the most prominent of which are:

1- Domestic labor escapes after being recruited from abroad.
2- Uncontrolled relationship between domestic workers and the family, and the occurrence of recurrent problems.
3- The high rate of change of employment in short periods, which causes the family to be uncomfortable.
4- Some families evaded paying salaries on time.
5- Some families underestimated the health of workers and the failure to provide adequate care.
6- Some workers neglected work duties and laziness in performing their daily tasks.
7- The lack of information for domestic workers, and the lack of training.
8- Lack of information about how to manage domestic workers in some families.
9- The state of great confusion in the field of employing domestic workers and the absence of confidence.


Therefore, at House Care Egypt, we decided to find solutions to the deep problems in the Egyptian labor market in general and put in place effective strategies and solutions to solve those problems. You can learn about these effective strategies and solutions when talking to customer service. And when you get a household worker from House Care Egypt, you will have a different contract that will provide you with full guarantees according to a completely new and different philosophy.

Starting from 2020, the contract will be between the company and the family only, while domestic labor is the subject of the contract. This does not mean the absence of benefits for domestic workers in the terms of the contract, but there is a sub-contract between domestic workers and the company to ensure the achievement of complete labor security, stability and work sustainability while preserving all rights for all parties. Therefore, the main obligation will be from the company, not from the employment itself.

Consequently, the company will provide the required domestic labor and manage the relationship between it and the family, so that many of the problems that occur if the family directly manages domestic work are avoided.

The contract period is now flexible and the family can choose to contract for any period you wish from 3 months to 24 months continuously with the ability to renew.
We also provide a payroll management system. So that the family can pay employment dues through an electronic system. This prevents some recurring problems, simplifies procedures, and connects domestic workers from working longer with a tight system.

Legal contracting with us guarantees the family to accompany domestic workers and travel within Egypt.

In addition, the Egyptian labor law will be a major part applied to the relationship between all parties.