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  • Maids in Egypt? Get Indonesian maid from the origin!

    Maids in Egypt

    Runaway maids have proven to be a very serious problem in Egypt such like any country, it's normal to have this type of issue, but the way we deal with it is different. And that's why most of Egyptian families prefer to get their maids from House Care Egypt. Statistics made by our research show that there are an average of 500 maids who abscond every month in Egypt, the number maybe a little more or less, because we didn't cover all "maid agencies in Egypt" in our research. The issue seen more among maids who come from African countries to work in Egypt?

  • Philippines Maid in Egypt - Hire a Reliable Maid Today!

    Philippines Maid agency Cairo

    Why should you hire a maid from The Philippines

    Employers in Egypt who is looking to hire a maid for Infant Care usually places their trust in Filipino Maids mainly due to their good command of the English language and a good reputation on handling babies. Equipped with the English language, The Philippines Domestic Helpers are also sought after for families who requires the service to look after their children as they are better able to communicate accurately.

  • The 5 most famous malls that allow you to accompany a nanny in the Fifth Settlement، New Cairo

    New Cairo.. Distinguished real estate investment opportunities

    New Cairo is one of the largest and most important third-generation cities, with an area of ​​70,000 acres. What distinguishes New Cairo from the rest of the new cities is its location east of Cairo and its connection to the heart of Cairo, as well as the excellent planning of the city, the breadth of its streets and the spread of green spaces in it, and the preservation of the privacy of its residents, and its distance from the crowding of the capital.

  • The comprehensive guide to sterilizing your car during the pandemic of corona virus, Covid-19

    Although many places around the world are currently closed, in an attempt to curb the spread of the emerging corona virus "Covid-19", a large number of us still use our cars daily. So we found it helpful to provide a quick guide on how to safely sanitize your car and reduce your exposure to the virus.

  • Tips for your house maid to clean your bathroom safely to prevent corona virus

    Amid the stay-at-home measures imposed by the novel coronavirus in many countries around the world, many homes are becoming more crowded than usual.