The news is scattered here and there, about the high inflation in the United States, and the countries of the world began preparing for a new wave of high prices, as the US consumer price index (CPI) increased by 8.6 % last month, which is the highest level in nearly 40 years, according to what it circulated Economic reports. But is it really bad infection absolutely bad, or is there a luminous side? From an economic point of view, let us know simply the aspects that money and wealth makers do not tell you.

 This article was written specifically for the poorest social groups, with the aim of spreading economic awareness, and helping the normal people to understand life and the ways to make money hidden from them.

It should be noted that this article is a seed on the path of knowledge. At the end of the article, other cognitive sources will be added.

Before the start, the US Department of Labor stated in its last report that the consumer price index increased by 8.6 % in May compared to the same month last year. It exceeded 8.5 % in March and recorded the largest increase since 1981, and Wall Street Journal experts have indicated that the increase is much greater.

The increase in inflation comes with 34.6 % of energy prices due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The prices of gasoline in the United States are currently reaching the highest levels ever. The average price of gasoline in the United States was $ 4.99 per gallon (one gallon about 3.78 liters).

The prices of foodstuffs surveyed by the consumer price index increased by 11.9 %. However, the basic consumer price index, which excludes the price of energy and volatile food, reached 6 % a decrease from 6.2 % last month.


What is the real problem of inflation away from the fraud of money makers?

Let me tell you something, during my studies of economics, I liked the idea that inflation in the first place indicates the trend towards an economic recovery. Unlike the panic that occurs to people and those who are not known. People usually panic when hearing that inflation rose.

In fact, the high inflation includes several aspects. People only look at the side related to increased prices. This is the thinking of the poor and not specialists.

Those who make money rejoice when knowing that inflation has risen, because the money makers always want to increase the demand from the public on their goods and services while the lack of supply.


Imagine a merchant who is monopolizing, what he will do is that he will resort to hiding the commodity in order to have an increase in demand and a few offered, and thus inflation will cause him to achieve profits.


This also happens but on a large scale, hence you have two options. Either you choose the side of those who benefit from the high inflation in achieving profits or choose the side of those who cry and start the blind repetition of the term high inflation.



Did you know that inflation means the abundance of money ??


Believe me, this is true. When jobs increase and people find job opportunities and the projects they work increases, the result is inflation also, but note that it is temporary inflation and I will explain to you how?


When people find jobs there will be more salaries, which means more cash liquidity in the market, and it means that people feel good and abundant, which will happen that they will go down to buy and shop and their demand will increase. Here, an increase in demand occurs while the same amount of commodities available in the markets is not changed, and here inflation occurs and competition begins to obtain goods, so the result will be affected by supply chains, and the serial rise in prices as a result of increased inflation.


By the way, the simplest definition of inflation is that it increases demand and lack of supply. (That is, the increased demand for goods, while the available is few)


This is exactly what happened from the increase in demand for petroleum products and oil and gas products, and because supply chains are closed due to the war in Ukraine, the result is the lack of supply while the demand is still high.


Here comes the opportunity to make money. How will I tell you.


First the real estate market

You may be disappointed when you hear the word real estate, you will think and say where I have to get money to buy real estate. I do not have the apartment in which I live and hardly pay the rent, so how can I profit from real estate.


Dear, welcome to the world of money, through the first secret that no one will tell you and the real money makers hide it.


When inflation is in fact, I personally feel joy and joy, in fact, I still like a beginner looking for lost opportunities, including the secret of making money through real estate industry. At least, even if I personally misses what I will tell you, but at least I feel joy because there are those who benefit from the opportunity and make money from it. Don't be surprised because I am really one of the people who feel happy when they see others happy.


Here is the secret of making money through inflationary crises, which are called "inflationary opportunities" resulting from high inflation.


Once you hear that there is an expected inflation or even if it happens, all you have to do is to go immediately to the stock exchange and search for an agent and investment company on the stock exchange, then ask the investment company to reserve some shares in real estate investment funds.

In order to understand the idea of ​​the Real Estate Investment Fund and how to achieve profits for you at the time of inflation, you should know that companies that sell apartments and villas in installments are subject to real estate investment funds. With high inflation, the prices of rental values ​​for tenants rise and therefore the value of real estate shares increases severely.


The good news is that any very ordinary individual can buy real estate shares with a minimum investment of only one thousand USD (1000 USD).


If you hear "high inflation", rejoice and immediately contact the company you contracted with and ask for more real estate shares, in which the share price sometimes reaches 2 USD and can rise tens of USD... But you should know that buying the stock does not mean immediate profit, so you have to wait until inflation rises To the maximum extent possible and affect the markets and the rental values ​​rise, then when you hear that inflation will decrease, ask the investment company to sell your shares at the high price, and then you will have achieved a difference between the purchase price and the selling price, which is a net profit for you through a completely pure buying and selling process.


As a general note, you can ask the company about its commission from these profits, and whether taxes are deducted or not, etc.


It's great, isn't it???

Believe me, as I told you, inflation is a very wonderful news and one of the secrets of wealth that no one will tell you. You are very lucky because you are reading this secret here .. Do not forget to share with others, perhaps you will be a reason to provide a hidden opportunity for those who need it.


Only 1000 USD is able to change the course of your life and get you out of the state of pessimism and include you in the list of opportunity hunters.


By the way, this is an economic and scientific talk. To clear our conscience, we are not an investment company, and you have to search for companies to invest in stocks and the stock market yourself. You may also see ads about investment companies that appear automatically here from Google and we have no direct relationship with them, and you can choose any company you see to know more details about it.


Here is another more than wonderful way recommended by the first man in the investment world, the American billionaire Warren Buffett, who made his fortune in these very simple ways that the poor and pessimists do not know.


Throughout history, gold has been a safe and wonderful haven for those who want to preserve the value of their money. Simple people misunderstand this and when inflation occurs, they go to buy gold.

In fact, they may be exposed to fraudulent bullion dealers or pay manufacturing commissions that lose the value of their investment before it starts and then need to keep this gold for many years to achieve a return on investment and profits.


Actually you can do it, but I know you're going to say you don't have money and your pockets are empty.


Welcome back dear with advice from Warran Buffett, a self-made billionaire who has emerged from extreme poverty and is now the world's affluence icon.


The advice says: Contact the investment company you contracted with and ask them to buy shares of gold trading funds.

The idea is that instead of buying the gold itself, you will buy the shares of the same gold manufacturers. Remember that the minimum investment in the stock market is only 1,000 USD. Yes, as I read, with only 1,000 USD, you can buy shares of gold-producing companies whose value rises exponentially and very significantly at the time of high inflation. This is because the price of gold is rising and therefore the value of gold manufacturers increases, and then the value of gold trading shares increases.

Whatever the size of your investment is very simple, but you will get profits as a result of the high rate of inflation and the greater the size of your investment, the greater your profits.

Important tip: Always make sure to research carefully and ask the Stock Exchange and the Ministry of Finance about the company you want to invest your money with. Make sure the company's registration number and its correct address listed on the registration certificate, etc.

The most important advice: Do not deal with single brokers who work for their own account because they often work for brokerage companies in the stock market.. Remember that with only a thousand USD you can deal with investment companies directly without a broker because the investment trading company in this case is your direct broker with industrial companies Major who want to buy their shares.


If you are wondering how to make a profitable project with only 1000 USD, then here you are reading the greatest tips that no one will tell you.

Never be alarmed by high inflation and see it as a great opportunity.


Inflation in most cases, with the exception of global events, is a strong indicator of the economy's trend towards prosperity.. Will it be on the side of prosperity or on the side of those who do not understand anything, complain and speak without knowledge or study? The choice is up to you.

There are many ways to take advantage of inflation and achieve imaginary profits, as a result of the panic associated with high inflation, these methods are like protected bonds, which are the opposite of fixed-value bonds, and also achieve profits by investing in mortgage-backed securities (and here we return to the importance of real estate stocks as I explained to you) .

Remember: You can do all this with only a thousand USD even less.. The stock market is available to everyone.. Everyone profits even if the stock exchange loses itself, because the loss of the stock exchange means that you, as an investor, made money and withdrew your profits. Also, if the stock exchange benefits from the presence of your investments, this is because someone is selling to you and making profits while you are waiting for the value of your shares to rise.. In any case, you are the winner even if the stock exchange loses.


My last and important advice: Read more about investing in the stock market.. We just gave you the thread that very few will tell you about, and of course we are among them ^_^ You can follow the stock trading course on the website of the Financial Magazine in English, which is updated every period.

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