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Hiding the price of an item is a misleading act
Hiding the price of an item is a misleading act

If you are selling products and merchandise online, then this article is of interest to you that cannot be ignored! As the Consumer Protection Agency, it cracks down on online sellers who do not clearly state the prices of their goods and services, and instead ask interested customers to send them private messages (PM). Find out the details with us.

Online sellers include those belonging to social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, where this type of selling practice is more common. Unlike e-commerce platforms, which list the prices of their goods.

If you are a consumer and you see online sellers, especially those who sell in private, the first legal advice for you is to stay away from these types of stores.

According to the Consumer Protection Act, "Retailers" are required by law to display:

- The full prices of goods or services, including the value of taxes, the cost of transporting the product and other costs

- The name of the person who runs the business or company and the name of the business
The registration number of the company or commercial activity
- The email address, phone number, or address of the person running the business
Describe the main characteristics of goods or services
- payment methods

- terms and conditions
- Delivery time


Although the Consumer Protection Law did not mention in its context services whose pricing varies according to the same service provision environment, such as family services and project implementation services that need feasibility studies that vary according to the customer’s environment and lifestyle, the Consumer Protection Law sets a framework through which sellers must, Adhere to standards that guarantee consumer rights in the United States, in the course of selling.

Hiding the price of a product or commodity from the public and asking them to communicate via private chat messages is a misleading practice.

If a person sells household utensils, for example, he has to offer the price he wants to sell those utensils. He can't simply say "price on private or send a private message if interested".

So, for those who sell online. If you don't adhere to market transparency standards, it's time to do so before you can be fined, or worse than fined, three years in prison!


Hiding the price does not give you the opportunity to increase sales by communicating with the customer, nor does it give you the opportunity to display more goods

Online merchants say that the reason for hiding the price is to try to lure sellers into talking so that they can offer more products and instead of selling one product they can sell more than one product at once.

Economists say in response to this that the practice of concealing the price may have a momentary benefit, but in fact its damage to the overall economy and the national economy is much greater than personal interests, because modern markets are characterized by rapid movement in buying and selling, and there are supply chains, suppliers and major factories that work day and night to meet the need The markets and thus the simple practices that traders justify are essentially hidden obstacles to economic growth. If we study the factors of productivity, we find that the time wasted in discussing the price has a butterfly effect on the supply chain and increases the volume of stockpiled goods and leads to spoiling huge quantities of products in addition to the effect of increasing the volume of returns in addition to shaking the confidence of the final consumer in the original brand due to seller practices, which often He buys it from wholesalers and has no direct relationship with the brand, which is negatively affected by monopolistic practices.


Think differently, you can learn proven selling strategies that are upheld by law rather than outdated practices.

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