Rest Hour

Frontline Heroes

$500 million rewards for frontline heroes in the fight against Corona in the United States, where hundreds of thousands of workers who have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic in Minnesota can sign up for a $500 million check package.

Pokemon Go from office

Have you ever imagined entering your company to surprise an employee, who had left his office and retired to a far corner to play Pokemon? If this has not already happened, we advise you not to be surprised when you see this, and we also advise you to play if you have the opportunity or in the hour of rest.

Some employees love watching football during work time

Do your company’s employees want to enjoy watching the matches of the European Union teams, qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2022, during the live broadcast? If so, what is the problem with euro fantasy league or world cup? It may be related to the way they spend their personal time and their private lives, so there are no company officials who have a problem with that as we know, but the problem comes to the fore when the preoccupation with the European competition qualifying for the World Cup, or even the preoccupation with the World Cup matches live broadcasting itself, comes at the expense of working time. Here are several tips to help you deal with the issue.