• How Business Owners Can Use Windows 11 to Increase Business Efficiency & Productivity

    Windows 11 brought more business features

    Prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, productivity and office work were considered non-exclusive. Boss and HR management teams typically select employees to be present at work to optimize work efficiency and other processes.

  • How do you reduce the expenses of your insurance company? Extension of medical insurance and payment

    Insurance Business Needs The Right Planning

    It is known that companies seeking sustainability offer benefits to their employees, the most prominent of which are social protection and health insurance, and governments offer their employees various insurance benefits, including health and life insurance, and individuals themselves and self-employed people can make an insurance subscription for themselves through various insurance companies. Although insurance companies make a lot of profits, the losses may be huge if there is no risk management capable of setting rational policies to preserve profits. Here are several tips to improve your insurance company.

  • How House Care Egypt reduce employment problems in your company?

    Hiring Solutions in Egypt

    There is no doubt that you as an employer and founder of a business or company want to find employees who believe in your company culture and people who are suitable for your position, and this includes having the jobs, professional skills and information mentioned in their CV a 100% correct. So what we do?

  • How to increase sales in the summer, tips we applied and the results were amazing

    Summer sales increase

    The summer season has finally begun! If you have a business, you're a corporate salesperson, or even if you're an online seller, you may have sensed that summer had come with hot weather, but it didn't bring increased sales with it. You may feel dwindling sales volume either in your store or online. Here we are writing this article to help you through our experience.