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Coming back home from a long working day to a see the mess in the house will really put a damper on your beautiful day. Luckily, HOUSE CARE EGYPT provide you a reliable service and offers professional apartment-cleaning services! through highly selected house maids in monthly basis. apartment-dwellers no longer have to worry about messes and clutter.

It's hard to relax in an apartment that needs a cleaning, and it's often hard to find time to give your living space time for a basic cleaning. All you can put in place before it's time to show up for your next appointment is a quick flick and turn on the vacuum cleaner.


The death of the artist Hady El-Jayar, special consolation from House Care Egypt

House Care Egypt extends its sincere condolences to the family of the great artist Hadi Al-Jayar. We learned that our dear client passed away yesterday evening at the age of 71 years after a long struggle with illness. We express our deep sadness over the death of the respected artist Hadi Al-Jayar, Our solidarity with his generous family. It is worth noting that the late artist had contracted with House Care Egypt since 2012, and he is still a continuous customer till now. We will continue to support his family with all our energy, with all our employability capabilities. We ask the Honorable God Almighty to grant the deceased mercy and forgiveness, and to bring him into paradise.

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