Keep Yourself Safe From Corona Virus.

Need a housemaid but you can't meet her at home? We invested in digital solutions in order to save you and your family from coronavirus. 
Meet maid online no broker

How it works

You will now be able to conduct interviews remotely through the video conference technology that we integrated with our platform. We invested a lot to help you.
No physical meeting
We guarantee that you'll be happy to meet multiple candidates without physical meeting to avoid any potential covid-19 transmission
Medical checkup for housemaid in Egypt
Medical Checkup
After you meet your candidate through our conference platform, we'll directly conduct health checkup. Thanks to our medical partners
No Public transportation
After making sure that your candidate is clear of any virus we will send to you securely with our private transportation that fully sterilized
No matter where you are

Meet your maid on the go!

Regardless of your location whether inside or abroad. You'll be able to meet your next domestic workers wherever you are.
Our Service Includes:
  • Interview Handling
  • Live Stream
  • Video Conference
  • Health Checkup
  • Resume Screening
  • Data Validating
  • Track Records
Be with the market leading company

We build the future

We will assist you in interviewing all types of the workforce through our first digital platform of its kind in Egypt. In House Care Egypt (HCE), We are always proud to be the leaders of the HR market especially when it comes to individual and family services in addition to our B2B model. We are always one step ahead of all competitors, with a mix of effective creative services that we offer at competitive prices and a professional level of legal guarantees.

Meet the right one

  • It's the time for you to try the most modern solutions in employment market. With HouseCareEgypt you'll will be able to meet potential people online wherever you are. Don't worry about the right person to do the interview with.
  • We will make every effort to select the right people to do the interview with you. Then you can evaluate them and take the decision.
  • Say goodbye to wasting several days in interviewing potential people. Now you will save your precious time to do wonderful things in your business or with friends and family. You will never wait for employment agency representatives again because you are in control of everything now.
You Work for Your Family

We Work for You

We know that your time is highly valuable for your family and the people that you love. Our main goal is to facilitate your life and save your efforts for your business and your family
Meet the experts who are able to do homework very well
Whether you need home help or take care of your family, we will provide you with the best domestic workers and will enable you to meet them on our digital platform. Once you book an online interview. We drive our engines to investigate, search and match all data to meet your needs.
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