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HouseCareEgypt ... WE Provide household managers, Maids and Nannies in Egypt from Sudan ,Ethiopia,Eritrea, Nigeria,Ghana,Kenya , Uganda ,Guinea,Djibouti,Somalia & Ivory Coast ) and Asia ( Srilanka ,Philippine & Indonesia )...

For many years, the Egyptian market has suffered from the lack of an effective mechanism to control the services of domestic workers, and despite the presence of House Care Egypt in the market for more than 10 years, the service delivery mechanism did not differ significantly from those in the Egyptian market until 2013, when we started to activate modern mechanisms Appropriate and developed over time. In 2019, we started to activate a new unprecedented philosophy in the Egyptian labor market to solve many problems, the most prominent of which are:

⚡Important Announcement⚡
From ❤️HouseCareEgypt.❤️

Dear Valued Customers:
It was a long journey together developing our services to satisfy your family needs and finding new solutions to ensure high-quality services from us as a leading company in Egypt market. We crossed through many success points while there were some mistakes that we honestly acknowledge in order to provide a high level of transparency for every family dealing with us.

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